Mysteries, minivans, and little men, oh my!

So I've spent the last month going over a book that is supposed to help me write a novel in a month. HA! But I have come up with a detailed outline in a month. Half of it's in my head because I like it better there, but still, think it up I did! I was ready to tackle a key scene tonight - all three kids were snuggled into their beds - when lo and behold Word decided to lock all of my documents. Apparently I have more planning work to do. ;) I'll take it as a sign that I'm not ready to start yet while I move things over to Works.

But, I'm excited, and it's going to be fun and hopefully I'll write it fast.

In other news... I've been looking for a car to hold all of my babies since last fall. I'd nearly decided on a Durango, Suburbans being my first choice but losing points for their gas thirstieness and mammoth size in the already crowded driveway... when I drove a Sienna on a whim today. Hm... so I loved it. It's tan, it has nothing really cool about it, no leather seats or DVD player or power sliding doors, but geez it drives like it's on auto pilot and I can see everything, including the kids way in the back seat. Maybe these minivan makers are on to something!

So I seem destined for minvan-dom, which is appropriate as I tackle a YA mystery while waiting for my daughter in the pick up line at school and handing goldfish crackers to the other monkeys. Or monkey. One of them doesn't have teeth yet. He does, however, have powerfully determined hands when I'm holding a latte (so, all the time) or a Diet Dr. Pepper. Or a chocolate covered graham cracker. I'm thinking these things aren't on the first foods list... but this is Seattle, so, you never know. He's a good little Seattlite.

Miss Snark Tribute

There's a tribute happening over on Pat Wood's blog today. It's the anniversary of Miss Snark's final post. Oh how I've missed her.

Go see what all the fuss is about!

From the mind of my seven year old

My mom to my seven year old daughter, "Please tell me you won't ever get a tatoo."
My seven year old's reply, "I promise no tatoo will ever touch this body... unless it's on someone else's body..."

Oh boy.

Yay for sunny Fridays!

Are you kidding me with the warm weather? We've got summer here in Seattle! WOO!!!!

I've already taken the two littlest ones to the park today - we tried a new park, I get bored easily, and it was lots of fun. Now I've got one chilling in the arm chair eating popcorn and another staring at toys in his bouncy chair. He's learned to grab now. It's super fun. He even hung onto the chains while we were swinging with him in my front pack. Clearly he's destined to be an athlete. ;)

In other news... I have a book review of Artichoke's Heart up at Enduring Romance.

If you haven't seen The Office yet, go watch the season finale *right now*! I'll wait. It's storytelling at its finest. Jen - do you see why I love Michael yet??


I find photos or pictures of city streets, in the rain, the fog, the snow, or some moody sort of weather really inspiring. They capture a mood that I want to capture in my writing. Here's a perfect example.

When I get discouraged with writing, I look at things like this and it keeps me going. It's a drive to communicate what I feel when I look at something like this.

PS Brian is a fantastic photographer who travels widely and always has wonderful photos like this up on his blog!

Yay for May!

It was warm and sunny today and the kids played in the backyard for 3 hours! WOO!!! I believe they were building a pill bug habitat and making food for imaginary friends of some sort. I'm just thrilled they were getting fresh air and I didn't have to tell them no for three whole hours. Well, except when the little one got stuck climbing a fence... but we caught her. ;)

Other good news - I've picked a story and I'm 1000 words into it. The invariable bad news is I've written it in two different styles so far and I can't decide which works best. What is this new form of self sabotage?! Why must I thwart myself so?!

My goal for this week is to pick a voice and stick with it. Of course, then I'll be stuck on the fence of some other issue... much like my two year old today.