Sad little word count.

Wow, a whopping 223 words tonight. This blog post will probably be longer. But I finished the scene and my head is too fried to start another. It's this heat. My two year old tried to sleep with us twice last night and my baby mystery man three times... did I mention we temporarily have a full bed. That's a lot of people in a full bed! Even if one of them is tiny. Plus no one can touch my wrist. Plus it's hot. Really hot. So I slept for about 2 hours last night. I'm serious. And after a 15 minute nap today my husband, who is travelling, said, "Doesn't it feel good to get some sleep?"

I wouldn't know. He has AC tonight. I'm just saying. He's lucky he was out of striking range.

So, my goal is 1000 words a day and to make up what I miss. That means about 1800 words tomorrow. Let's hope everyone sleeps tonight!!

It's slow going...

But it's going:

2,035 / 65,000

Also, a tip, when weighing yourself, should you choose to undertake such a demoralizing endeavor, don't further wound your fragile psyche by putting the scale on the bath mat. This adds approximately 22 pounds and has been known to induce heart failure.

And it looks like I've regained the use of my wrist, no thanks to the bath mat incident above. I could have fallen and really broken it having passed out after seeing the number on the little dial.

Oh, and one more thing. My lovely green Honda has a new home! YEAH! And to a blog reader no less (sort of). Yeah for blogging! Yeah for new cars! Yeah for word counts! Boo for bath mats!


It's possible I fractured my wrist while taking my daughter to the bathroom. That's a trick and a half I tell you. Not on the list of things they tell you when signing up for mommyhood. Watch that toilet seat - it'll kill you. No, it does not come with a warning! (no, not my x-ray, just an illustration of things to come...)

In other news, we all went to see Wall-E tonight. My 2 year old LOVES robots. She's been in love with Wall-E since the trailers started showing up on tv. Sadly, she never anticipated anything remotely stressful might happen to dear Wall-E, so we spent most of the movie hiding around the corner from the screen waiting for happy parts.

Like when the ship captain wanted the computer to define dancing. She obliged by demonstrating for the entire theatre.

I'm tired....

Quote of the night

Said by my husband, after he poured a drink of water...

"Well, now you're standing there in front of me making me drink loud."

Me "I make you drink loud?" (because I've found that when you hear something crazy, the best thing to do is simply repeat it.

Him "Yes, because you're making me self-conscious so my para sympathetic nervous system can't get organized."


Back on track

Feels good!!!

This is Robin on a Schedule...

A big, big thanks to Kimber An for posting her sample schedule today and the other related posts. Let's just say I'm organizationally challenged. I'm really working against my gifts to try to impose any order on any day whatsoever. And yet, I have three little ones whom I know would benefit so much from more structure.

And so I try.

And today, I thought I'd take the schedule and just do a little bit with it.

So we had lunch. Good. They like to eat. Then we had tv time. They watched the Backyardigans and I told them after that they'd go upstairs for quiet reading/nap time. They don't nap, but they like to read, so I thought it might be ok. This is when the 7 year old said, "UGH! Is tomorrow going to be so planned out, too?!"

So far, you'll note, she's eaten, watched tv, and read. Um yeah, it's going to be at least that planned out.

Reading/nap time was not so bad. My 2 year old came out after 30 minutes and I sent her back in. We're working on staying in bed during bed time, so I was glad for the extra practice.

After that, we were heading to the children's bookstore for the reading chart I'd promised to make my daughter.

"Reading chart? What reading chart?"
"You know, to track the books you read? You wanted to do it like you did in school - to get stickers..."
"Like the library contest?"
"No, a reading chart for home."
"Is this the Barnes and Noble contest?"
"There are no contests."
"I'm so confused..."


But I had to change the little mystery man first - change him, clean him up, grab a... oops. No diapers on the table. That's ok - we had a giant box from Costco, there are more in the garage.

Carry him downstairs to the garage. Can't find the diapers. Look in all spots diapers sometimes hide. No, my lazy self had already pilfered all said spots when I hadn't wanted to go upstairs to change him earlier. CURSED LAZY SELF!

Call hubby to ask if he's seen diapers in the garage - not off the top of his head, apparently, could he tell me that and he was 90 minutes from home. Not good. Continue frantic looking with two year old trailing behind. Hold little man on hip - bootie facing out - goods facing in - which is worse?! Look in one last spot.

Hear big SPLAT!

Looks like I made a good move on the bootie facing out.

Quickly clean up floor while 2 year old shrieks in horror.

Call mom - she is near Walgreens! HOORAY!!! She asks if I need them right away... um, judging by what just happenned... Well, who really knows.

Put little man in chair and swaddle with loin cloth.

Throw loin cloth in washing machine.

Jump for joy when mother walks in door with diapers.

I never actually made it to the bookstore to get the chart. This did not seem to break my daughter's heart.

Let's hope the schedule goes a little better tomorrow.

It's here!!!!

Yes, it's true, I have a shiny red Durango parked in my driveway. It's allll mine! I'm even including pictures, proud mama that I am. :)

I can now haul around three kids with enough room between them so that one cannot make the other's hair look like Tickety Tock, no one can whistle in my ear, and I can easily hoist the sit and stand stroller in and out of the rear hatch.

And, brace yourselves... it even has seat heaters. Somewhere in my quest for the perfect kidmobile I decided that my life would be incomplete without seat heaters. Considering the $5000 cap I had to work with, I feel very, very lucky! Wooo!!!!

Cars, Cats, and Quotes.

I know you're all dying to know how the Durango search progresses. I've been looking. It's my new hobby - put the kids in the car when they're acting crazy because it's rained every blessed day of summer break so far and go look at Durangos.

I'm going to see a shiny black one tomorrow I'm very hopeful about. We shall see. I will post pics when I get one! And in the meantime, if anyone wants a Honda Accord that we've outgrown... ;)

Also - took the cat to the vet today. She was long overdue for shots. For some reason, I feel like a freak when I'm at the pediatric office telling them no more than two shots at a time. Space those babies out, and please reassure me that there are no carcinogens in the vaccine.

When I go to the vet, I get a long speech about how cautious they are with vaccines and they only give what's absolutely necessary, just to be safe. OK, feeling good. They they say... "And, we give them in the leg, so that if the cat develops cancer at the injection site we can just amputate the leg and the cat's fine." Um... really? The cat's fine? I know the kids get their vaccines in the leg too, but I don't think the logic holds... but not to worry, the vaccine company pays for the amputation. Sheesh.

Some favorite quotes today:

From Janet Reid in her Query Shark blog: "Resist the urge to bless me in a query letter. Please. I know you mean well, but this just isn't the place for that. "

OK, I had more, but can't get them exactly right. This is my brain on three children - at midnight.

Time to go off to bed.

The Purple People Eater

So, I may not be as mature as I previously thought. I went to drive the minivan again and just couldn't do it. It had a few more scratches than I'd seen before and that tipped me over the edge. It's gotta at least be a respectable minivan!!

We've been driving Durango's in the meantime. I love them. You've got the standard third row, so I don't have to keep asking people if the car has a third row, they're fun to drive, and the kids have plenty of space to spread out. Of course, my 7 year old likes everything about them except "They're kind of like a minivan, except not as cute." Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, of course.

I drove a purple one today, which was fun. How often do you drive a purple car. And how often do you drive a car WITHOUT A WORKING SPEDOMETER. Please forgive the shouting in caps, but I thought I was going to kill us all. Not only that, the right blinker didn't work and the gear shift came out in my hand. Um, that would be a no. The salesman offered to fix the brake light that was stuck on. Yanno - that would be the least of my worries. Moving on.

In other news, it's summer vacation around here! The kids are all home and frolicking in their freedom from uniforms and homework and blissfully sleeping in. Which, as my seven year ole explained to my two year old is "the natural state of a child." The baby's even shifted his waking from 5:30 to 7. What a good little guy!

I'm still trying to get enough sleep and enough time to string two sentences together. I'll post word count when I get that licked. Right now, the Mystery Man is calling... again... gotta run for now!