This is Robin on a Schedule...

A big, big thanks to Kimber An for posting her sample schedule today and the other related posts. Let's just say I'm organizationally challenged. I'm really working against my gifts to try to impose any order on any day whatsoever. And yet, I have three little ones whom I know would benefit so much from more structure.

And so I try.

And today, I thought I'd take the schedule and just do a little bit with it.

So we had lunch. Good. They like to eat. Then we had tv time. They watched the Backyardigans and I told them after that they'd go upstairs for quiet reading/nap time. They don't nap, but they like to read, so I thought it might be ok. This is when the 7 year old said, "UGH! Is tomorrow going to be so planned out, too?!"

So far, you'll note, she's eaten, watched tv, and read. Um yeah, it's going to be at least that planned out.

Reading/nap time was not so bad. My 2 year old came out after 30 minutes and I sent her back in. We're working on staying in bed during bed time, so I was glad for the extra practice.

After that, we were heading to the children's bookstore for the reading chart I'd promised to make my daughter.

"Reading chart? What reading chart?"
"You know, to track the books you read? You wanted to do it like you did in school - to get stickers..."
"Like the library contest?"
"No, a reading chart for home."
"Is this the Barnes and Noble contest?"
"There are no contests."
"I'm so confused..."


But I had to change the little mystery man first - change him, clean him up, grab a... oops. No diapers on the table. That's ok - we had a giant box from Costco, there are more in the garage.

Carry him downstairs to the garage. Can't find the diapers. Look in all spots diapers sometimes hide. No, my lazy self had already pilfered all said spots when I hadn't wanted to go upstairs to change him earlier. CURSED LAZY SELF!

Call hubby to ask if he's seen diapers in the garage - not off the top of his head, apparently, could he tell me that and he was 90 minutes from home. Not good. Continue frantic looking with two year old trailing behind. Hold little man on hip - bootie facing out - goods facing in - which is worse?! Look in one last spot.

Hear big SPLAT!

Looks like I made a good move on the bootie facing out.

Quickly clean up floor while 2 year old shrieks in horror.

Call mom - she is near Walgreens! HOORAY!!! She asks if I need them right away... um, judging by what just happenned... Well, who really knows.

Put little man in chair and swaddle with loin cloth.

Throw loin cloth in washing machine.

Jump for joy when mother walks in door with diapers.

I never actually made it to the bookstore to get the chart. This did not seem to break my daughter's heart.

Let's hope the schedule goes a little better tomorrow.


Kimber An said...

Sounds like you're doing great to me! Getting in the habit is the hardest part. It works for us to do a little bit at first, then a little bit more the next day. What? You don't have a bazillion Mommy Lists? This is where the diapers go. Train husband to check the Mommy List on the Frig before he goes to work. Better yet, train him to pick up diapers, milk, and bread whenever he's within a country mile of a store. Try awarding stickers to 2 year old as an incentive to stay in bed for rest time. I just used this to get my little ones to stay in bed all night so I could sleep. It worked! Stickers are magic! Of course, with 7 year olds they're only magical if they add up to a bigger prize, like a Woman-in-Training session to get chocolate together. Keep it up. It won't happen over night. There will be many 'one step forward and two steps back.' Little by little, you'll get on the path. With me, the greatest challenge is adjusting the schedule at a moment's notice because of my pilot husband's crazy work schedule.

June 21, 2008 at 3:22 PM
Amy C said...

That is a priceless story! I'm sure it was not so funny at the time as it was to read it, however! I always feel a sense of desperation when the diapers get low--especially because there are no 24 hour stores here, and lots are not open at all on Sundays. Yikes! =) I applaud you with the schedule, I am definitely lacking in that department too.

June 21, 2008 at 4:14 PM

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