I'm baaack!

I took off for California there without a word - sorry Blogworld!! I thought I'd have time for a farewell post, but apparently getting two little girls and my pregnant self on a plane was a wee bit more work than I thought. ;)

We had a fabulous trip, though! The flight was survived by all with the help of Max and Ruby on a laptop and my big girl learned to swim with her very patient aunts (who happened to be champion swimmers and teachers). YAY! I can't say that either of the girls are too thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

In other news... DH went in for the big SNIP today. That was fun. Really. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate in the little support person chair. Let's just say he was a tiny bit stressed about the whole thing. (But very willing to do it, bless his heart). At one point he nearly broke my hand. Mind you, this is a ten minute procedure. He then asked the doctor, "Hey, you've seen a lot of these (I belive the doc has done TEN THOUSAND of them), how'm I doing?"

Doctor "Eh, a little over the top."

That's when I lost it. That could be my husband's life slogan: Eh, a little over the top.

Lest you think I'm truly evil for falling on the floor in hysterics during his pain, he said that my laughing took his mind off of things and made the whole thing more lighthearted. So, just doing my job! (and he did give me permission to blog about it!)

Of course, if he laughs during labor I'll chuck something at his head, but that's another thing entirely!

Why I know their my kids...

The not quite two year old, on passing a building with green awnings:

"Starbucks? YUM!"

On pulling up to the mall:

"Starbucks? I do drink! I do food!"

On pulling into an actual Starbucks:

"Strawberry and Cream!"

The six year old:

"Green umbrellas, stop immediately!"

"Ah, this is the perfect night, dinner out, and a walk that ends up at the bookstore."

Yes, I think they've picked up a thing or two from their mom...

The Next Generation

My six year old just came into the living room, proudly announcing that she had finished Harry Potter... in two days. I hadn't seen her all day, and now I know why! (This is the first Harry Potter, not the 7th, she's just now getting started.) I'd intended to read it to her, but apparently I wasn't fast enough.

I've been fielding random questions this afternoon about how certain ghosts became ghosts and what happens to so and so... and invariably I tell her she has to READ to find out. It's more fun that way. :)

I read the book for the first time when I was pregnant with her so it was something of a moment for me. ;)

And the spell of Harry Potter continues. YAY!!!

Public Service Announcement

Hitting "word count" under the tools menu in Word over and over and over does not actualy increase your word count.

I just thought the rest of you might like to know...

Yes, he can dance, actually!

Is anyone else out there watching So You Think You Can Dance? (Spoiler alert if you haven't seen Monday's results show - you've been warned).

My fave, Pasha, was voted off this week. Yes, yes, get out your hankies, it was a hard night for me! But, it was really a great moment as the judges wished him well. Nigel Lithgoe summed up my thoughts as he said that Pasha is a very rare breed, a gentleman through and through., and he'd been a pleasure to have on the show.

Nice guys are famous for finishing last and this one finished far from it! So here's to Pasha!!

PS - yes I DO have tickets for the tour!! Thanks to my nimble-fingered sister and her quick ticket buying ways!

Fresh Perspective

I recently talked to my sister and ran a bunch of my potential "girl baby" names by her. Most of the names recieved responses like this:

Hooker, Mail Order Bride, Russian Hooker, Stripper...

I go for kind of a 20's Retro Glam style that apparently doesn't translate to everyone in exactly the way I'd hoped.

In a desperate attempt to like one of my names she asked for an other possibilities:

Me: I've been liking Harriet?
Her: No.
Me: What are you talking about? Ever since Studio 60 I've loved that name!
Her: Well sure, but the other little kids on the playground won't think she had a brilliant reparte with Matthew Perry, they'll just call her Harry Toes.

At this point I didn't think it worthwhile to mention Harriet Vane.

And so, I've learned to value my sister's quite different perspective. She's definately one of my beta readers!!

Fortunately the baby is a BOY so, the quest for the perfect girl's name can be set aside. ;)

I won! YAY!!!

It may only be out in the UK (so far) but I have a copy - a signed copy no less!!

I've just started reading Souvenier by Therese Fowler and let me tell you, it's fantastic!!

She was kind enough to run a contest on her blog, distributing a few of these rare gems and I have one in my hot little hands, or really on the nightstand next to my bed.

Just wanted to gloat, I mean, um well, something nicer than that, for a moment.

You can order yourselves a copy at Amazon UK here!