Hey all, just wanted to stop by and post my mini-playlist for Johnny Steam. Hoping this embedding works.

These are songs that got me in the spirit of the book, and that I played if I needed to get back into Johnny's world. As you can see, he struggles a little bit... ;)

Why hello, January!

Well that was a longer blog break than I intended. Thanks to all who stuck with me!
Santa was very good to me and brought me a skeletized, steampunky watch and a huge framed map of Victorian London. My family knows the way to my heart, for sure. :)

It's snowing here in Seattle - has been for hours and I think it's snowing in most of the rest of America, too. I took my three year old Mystery Man out for a walk and he laughed at the snowflakes and brushed snow off Christmas lights--then we ran inside when he heard a train whistle. Trains are miles away from us, but it was a still, winter's night and it carried, I guess, all the way from the beach. Mystery Man is obsessed with trains, but scared to death of train whistles. I think sometimes it's fun to love something and be a little bit afraid of it.

I'm just starting to set my steampunk book loose into the wild, now. And I'm a little bit afraid of that, too. But it's also a lot of fun. And tonight is the perfect night to make notes on my new, wintry work in progress.

Enjoy the snow, everybody!

(the picture is from a favorite blog of mine, Vintage Seattle)