A few things...

I was going to be all clever and do five for Friday - but now it's almost Sunday, so it's not quite as clever. Sadly, I'm tired and can only think in bullet points, so here it goes anyway:

  • My daughter told me that I "destroyed her happiness" last night. Actually, I'm not sure "told" is the correct verb since she was declaring this at the top of her lungs. My sin? I only gave her an hour to read before lights out. The teenage years will be oh so fun.
  • To make up for it, my two year old loves only me. I overheard my husband saying "I love you girls" earlier today - the one with her happiness destroyed responded "I love you, too daddy!" The other said "I love mommy!" heh heh... I was secretly happy, though I know I should focus on fostering father daughter bonding.
  • Since I've had a son I'm not sure why "mama's boy" has such a negative connotation. Shouldn't he love his mama?! DH just shakes his head and promises him he won't let me make him weird... I don't know what he's talking about.
  • E. Lockhart. No, no continuation with the above thought - but seriously, if you haven't read the Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, you need to. It sticks with you. So many books are predictable. This is really about power. It's The Art of War at boarding school, but not with boys or popularity as the bounty. The prize is power itself. Very interesting.
  • I'm working on much plotting right now. I have two novels competing for brain time. I should pick one and go with it, but right now I'm sketching them both out to see which I want to commit to first.
  • It's way past my bedtime, adios!

Funny things

1. It's been snowing all day here in Seattle. There's probably 5 inches outside right now. That's serious snow here. And of course, we all know it's APRIL!

2. My daughter just told me (yes, because she's still up reading...) that when she gets her multiple doctorates, she'll insist that everyone still call her by her first name. Please, no Dr. so and so. She's seven. I was just checking in to make sure she still enjoys first grade. I guess that's a yes.

3. I'm reading The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks and it's hilarious. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting anything good to read right now. E Lockhart has a unique and charming voice. Really incredible.

4. When I read on E's website that her first name was the most common name given to baby girls in 2003 I instantly knew what name that was. I think that's a special brand of geek. ;)

OK, off to watch the snow and spend some more time with Frankie...

Goodbyes on my reality shows

I think it's ironic that just as Kristy Lee Cook (American Idol) and Ryan Scott (Top Chef) were starting to get their groove, they get the boot. I can't really blame America for sending Kristy home - she's been way overdue - (and really, after MJ left, how can anything surprise me!) But I'm still a little shocked that Ryan got sent home instead of spoon licker dude or "oops, I ran out of food" lady. Crazy. I guess that just goes to show you that you can't depend on reality tv! Who knew!

In other news, I've been doing the kids by myself of late. Hubby is traveling. Boo. Let me tell you, there's a big difference in "I'm practically doing this by myself" some days and "I really AM doing this by myself." BIG! I thanked my 7 year old for helping out last night and told her she was my little adult. She replied "I like being called an adult, it's just the work I don't like."

Amen sister friend.

(And before you think I subjected her to child labor - her work amounted to finding her own pajamas and occasionally tracking down a pacifier...)

And before I forget... to those of you for whom Friday still means something (so, not stay at home moms) TGIF tomorrow. It's finally taken on meaning again for me because McDonald's - yes, McDonald's - now offers free lattes in the morning, or McLattes as I call them. It's a size small, which is a tall, and tastes surprisingly good, especially since it's free! Give it a shot. You can always go to Starbucks later if you don't like it, but it's my new Friday tradition and I'm quite the coffee snob... er ... connoisseur.

New Review Up

Go check out my review of The Silver Compass at Enduring Romance. It's a fantastic book. ;) And I had an ARC, so it made reading it all the more fun!

In other news... Kristy Lee Cook's time was finally up. She seemed like a cool person, but it's a travesty that Michael Johns went first. A TRAVESTY! If I type it enough can I undo the past? I wonder.... at least Brooke was safe. Whew.

A Public Service Announcement

I like to keep you all up to date on Starbucks news, as it is near and dear to my heart -and part of my daily existence and sustenance. So, right now, if you go buy a Starbucks card and register it. You get these three perks:

1) Milk choice and syrups for free. Yes! That's right! For free!!!! This saves me like a buck on each drink.

2) Free brewed coffee refills. Hello. I can go sit at Starbucks and drink coffee allll day now! Except, of course, for the minor matter of small children. Still, it's tempting.

3) Free tall beverage with whole bean purchase. I can live on tall beverages.

So you see, this is quite momentous.

Enjoy a drink for me. ;) A London Fog perhaps?

A Tale of Two Michaels

First, off the tragedy that is Michael Johns being kicked off American Idol. I wonder if the American people have lost their minds. I realize that now I don't get to see Michael sing next week. I am aghast that KRISTY LEE COOK outlasted Johns. Oh. So. Sad. Have we forgotten Bohemian Rhapsody of Hollywood week? Or Kristy suddenly adopting a country accent, people? She's from Oregon! I know Oregon. They don't have southern accents there!

Fortunately, my evening was saved by Michael Scott. Yes, The Office is back making Thursday the greatest night of the week. My poor Michael was ill treated by Jan, but still, good to see him back in top form on my tv and not the same four shows I have green dotted on my Tivo menu. Recent readers may not be aware of my big crush on Steve Carell. Let's just say this writers strike has been PAINFUL for me. ;)

on changing the sheets and other things...

It's late. The kids are finally all in bed and asleep (with the possible exception of my oldest who I just caught trying to read by the light of the stairwell because she can't stop thinking about stable flies and how they want to rip off her skin and suck her blood. What are these man eating flies?! I have no idea.)

But I digress... they are asleep-ish and I remember I want to change the sheets on my bed. DH is travelling, so it's just me and the little mystery man in his little mysterious bassinnet in my room. And I wonder to myself if I can change the sheets without waking his little self up. I hesitate. I really want to change the sheets because the current sheet is too big and scoots whenever I roll over, which is frequent because my two year old inevitably wanders into my room and lays practically on top of me on my right side, and I still have night time feedings for the little one on my left side, to keep them apart, and then I end up wedged upright on my side like a quarter - and if you saw the Twilight Zone where the guy flips a coin and it lands on it's side, thus propelling him into the Twilight Zone, you know this is no bueno.

Then I think, of course I can change the sheets and remake the entire bed and make less noise than my DH makes just walking in the room and lying down. No problem. And I wonder, why is that? What makes men so LOUD? Or is it just my particular man? Are other men loud? I can hear him coming from, well, anywhere, because he's LOUD. Without even talking. His very presence is loud. And I'm not complaining, I like a big, bold presence, except when I've just gotten my 3 month old to sleep in the room where his presence is bellowing.

The most ironic part is that it's my DH's favorite thing ever to sneak up on me and try to make me jump. I think he's succeeded at this twice in 10 years, but it keeps him trying! Gotta love that work ethic! Once he hid in the coat closet for 20 minutes waiting for me to open it. That's some serious dedication. It could be because I, without meaning to, sneak up on him and startle him to great comedic affect all the time. He keeps suggesting a cat collar with a bell for. I can't help it. I'm female and feline, apparently, and thus have mastered the art of quietly entering a room.

So the other night, I'm walking downstairs, toward him, I think. Then I realize he's not there. Furthermore I realize I'm absolutely right in thinking he was to the right of the stairs - but the stairs descend into the middle of a big open floor plan, and I wonder - is he creeping around the stairs trying to sneak up on me? So I walk around the stairs and what do I see? But this:

Of course, I literally cannot stand upright I'm laughing so hard at my husband in full on sneak mode, which makes him jump, wish for the bell collar once again, and laugh hysterically.

Oh how I miss him on travel days!
Now I'm off to finish changing those sheets...

An overview of the night in 4 parts...

Wow, long time no blog. I'll just say that I'm surprised at how little time I get to think and compose my thoughts with the current age spread of the kids - let alone type them! But I have some thoughts to share. They are random and in no particular order:

1. Sour Cream is a super food. Not in that it's super good for you, but it seems to have both limitless uses and the superpower of making everything it touches better. Salsa too hot? Just add sour cream. Need a dip for those strawberries - sugar and sour cream! Does the sauteed chicken in the pan look waaaayyyy to healthy and boring? Yep, you guessed it, sour cream to the rescue! Just thought I'd share my new favorite fridge item.

2. A conversation between my 7 year old red head and hubby:

Hubby: So, I hear you have some questions about marriage?
Red Head: Yeah, it's just that... well, you'd better sit down.

Thus progressed a G rated version of the birds and the bees. The first of many of these conversations, I'm sure.

3. Me and the red head:

Me: I don't know which Barbie your sister claimed, do you care if you get Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty?

RH: Oh no. I mean, I prefer Cinderella, but I don't really like the story.

Me: You don't like the story of Cinderella?

RH: (wistfully) No. It's just so heartbreaking if your in a romantic stage.

Me: But she gets the prince at the end... it's a happy ending...

RH: But that middle part'll just get ya!

4. The two year old, not to be outdone by her older sister's romantic streak followed her daddy to the door tonight when the 14 year old was selling candy so he could go snowboarding (or something to that affect... after school program or some such thing). She stood there during the entire transaction, shirtless, and covered in Cheetos and then after the door shut ran to my arms, her entire face turned upside down in a famous Mystery Family pout, tears filling her enormous grey eyes... and said... "the boy didn't talk to me!"

Me: What?

Her: I wanted him to talk to me!

Me: I'm sorry honey, I didn't know that.

Her: I was trying to get to him!

Me: Let's talk about trying to get to strange men...


Stay tuned for more updates as I'm able to access the keyboard without little monkeys diving over my shoulders to get to Neopets.