Link Roundup

Imagine my delight when my cousin posted this link on my facebook page: Dark Roasted Blend. What could be more fun than lattes *and* steampunk? I've been checking out the motorcycles today.

Also, one of my blueboarder friends posted this link. Sourcebooks is hosting a contest where you can go vote on the cover for her next book. I love covers!

It's a sunny day in Seattle, so I'm going to try to take my little mysteries outside so we don't turn into little urban vampires. I've got one kid that loves splash parks, one that claims to be too old for parks, but likes to explore the trails, and one little cowboy who won't take off his boots or hat - which makes splashing a little difficult. So I'll need a little magic to keep them all happy. Which of course means I'm headed to Starbucks first.

Steampunk needles and bluefaced sheep

So, I'm still knitting. I found some great square copper needles that feel very steampunk to me. I can't tell you how much fun it is to click copper needles together while you knit with something yummy like baby alpaca yarn and think about what tragedy is going to befall your poor character next on the road to redemption. And as I type that, I'm not exactly sure what that says about me, but so be it.

As you may have already picked up on - I can't seem to just go to Michael's, pick up some yarn, and knit a scarf. Nooo... I have to research and research and fall in love with a yarn in some super squishy merino wool that moves from midnight to prussian blue in the same skein. And it's always spun by some lady in a little stone cottage in Scotland that sells it at a farmer's market. Or Australia. A lot of my new favorites come Australia.

So I was drooling over Bluefaced Leicester wool - called the poor man's cashmere, but really by "poor" they mean upper middle class with lots of discretionary funds - and Boop walked up and saw the cute little sheep it comes from.

Boop: Oh, I wish we could get one! I think we could get a sheep. We'd just need to go to a special store. We had one once.
Me: No we didn't.
Boop: Yeah we did, you know it ate everything.
Me: That's a goat, and no, we never had one.
Boop: Red said we did. When she was little.
Me: We had a German Shepherd.
Boop: Yeah, that's what I meant.

But I don't think you can make yarn from a German Shepherd.

It's up!

Mystery Robin has gone steampunk. ;) I've been having so much fun researching steampunk for my work in progress, that I wanted to change the feel around here. I'd love to know what you think!

Stay tuned...

Just a heads up that the blog is undergoing a mini-makeover. I get lots of good feedback about the design and I promise it won't change too much. But I decided it's time for a little more of a steampunk feel. :) So hold onto your parasol and stay tuned!