A little Boop

Boop is eying the drapes that separate the eating nook from the kitchen:

Boop: Mom, if we untied those drapes, we could make the bench a stage, and the table could be for the audience... do you think we could get 55 people around the table?

Later, that same day... I hear a lot of bouncing and commotion on the back patio.

Me: Red! Is everything ok out there?
Red: *sigh* Yes, I was just teaching Boop how to play basketball. But now she's calling it baseball and she's teaching me.

Steampink story up!

For a sneak peak into my steampunk WIP - go take a look!

Steampink Week

The lovely Velvet Van Buren, book blogger extraordinaire, is hosting Steampink week on her blog.

In her words, steampink is: female heroine stories with romance, adventure or mystery in a steampunk world.

All week (and I'm a little late in posting this) she has a virtual trip in a steam car complete with fiction from steampunk authors, recipes, and an all around atmosphere of Victoriana.

It's lots of fun, and I have a story going up (an excerpt from my work in progress) on the 11th. I hope you'll stop by and take a ride with me. ;)

Knitting again

Every once in a while, I feel overwhelmed by words. I love words. I love reading. I love writing, but sometimes I need my hands to do something other than vacuum and clean the kitchen. I used to knit but took a break with babies always on my lap.

But lately, I've felt my fingers itching to hold some needles. Last night I searched for the perfect pattern.

Perhaps it's my love of crime fiction that makes me want to knit this:

How fabulous is that! But, sadly, I'm not really good at following charts, so I'm making a little newsboy cap in a luscious midnight blue alpaca with strains of copper on square copper needles. If it turns out, I'll post a pic while I'm done.

At the very least, it'll keep me company while I'm watching the Vegas callbacks on SYTYCD tonight. ;)

The Apron Campaign

This woman adopted a dog from a shelter, a beautiful cocker spaniel, and now he needs surgery. So she's making custom aprons so she can pay for it. I'd been planning on getting an apron from Anthropology, but then along came these... at The Apron Campaign.

And you'll love the story of her cocker spaniel, Jake.

Now I've got Red and Boop debating fabric choices with me. :)

The Slithery Barbara Poelle

Public Service Announcement for all my aspiring writer friends. The Slithery Barbara Poelle (and if you don't know why I'm calling her that, you aren't reading Janet Reid's blog) is offering a 10 page crit over at CJ Redwine's blog.



Pet Slugs

Boop: Mom! There's a bug on the floor!
Me: EW! That's not a bug... it's a baby slug! It must have come in on your brother's boot. (From when he was standing on the front porch this morning in his lion shirt and cowboy boots begging to help take his sister to school.)
Boop: I like lookin' at slugs, can we keep it in a plastic jar?
Me: No. (I go get a plastic bag on my hand and grab a paper towel, because DH has chivalrously taken Red to school today since I am sick. So, slug duty is all me.)
Boop: Is it comfortable having a baby slug in your hand? (as I carry it outside at arms length)
Me: No.
Boop: Can I just watch the baby slug out the window?

She's now crouched down by the window next to the door keeping an eye on her pet baby slug.