Pet Slugs

Boop: Mom! There's a bug on the floor!
Me: EW! That's not a bug... it's a baby slug! It must have come in on your brother's boot. (From when he was standing on the front porch this morning in his lion shirt and cowboy boots begging to help take his sister to school.)
Boop: I like lookin' at slugs, can we keep it in a plastic jar?
Me: No. (I go get a plastic bag on my hand and grab a paper towel, because DH has chivalrously taken Red to school today since I am sick. So, slug duty is all me.)
Boop: Is it comfortable having a baby slug in your hand? (as I carry it outside at arms length)
Me: No.
Boop: Can I just watch the baby slug out the window?

She's now crouched down by the window next to the door keeping an eye on her pet baby slug.


Jason D Barr said...

Interestingly enough, we have this exact situation at our house. However, I consented to let Porter keep his pet slug (knowing that he'll probably be disappointed when it dries out in a day). He just had some pet frogs die on him yesterday, so I figured we could deal with the slug.

June 3, 2010 at 9:46 AM

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