Drink of the Day

I have just a second to get off a post, but am here with another public service announcement.

I have discovered... the misto. It's a drink at Starbucks I've been totally unaware of, and I've been going to Starbucks since they only sold beans! I've tried three different kinds: the tea misto (also called the London Fog, which is such a better name!), the cafe misto, and the americano misto. The drink is half Earl Grey tea, drip coffee, or americano respectively, and half steamed milk. The London Fog also has vanilla.

So, the drink is less than half the price of a latte and the americano misto is virtually indistinguishable from a latte. This is big news for me. This could revolutionize my budget! I'm kidding. I've been really good at reining in the coffee spending. But this is still huge. You hand them a five and get actual DOLLARS back, not just coinage.

The tea misto is like a perfectly doctored cup of black tea (and I prefer it with Awake, rather than Earl Grey). It's delightful and saves me the trouble of scooping in all that sugar. ;)

So go, have one, and think of me!

And so it begins

I've started the next WIP (work in progress) - working title is Lamplight. It feels good to be writing something new again! Of course, immediately after starting I'm struck by how far I have to go. But it's still good, that's just the writing game.

(clearly the little monkeys are cooperating and sleeping tonight - YAY!)

Perhaps Not...

These are words I wish my two year old had in her vocabulary - at least her inner thought life.

For instance, when she thinks to mound every piece of toilet paper she can find into the toilet, it would be helpful if first she thought "perhaps not." Instead, she leaves the bathroom scatting "boo be doo be boo be doo" and when I, her mommy, starts spontaneously combusting at the sight of the toilet, she lifts her big gray Bette Davis eyes and says in her Betty Boop voice "What? I just singing a silly song."

Or when she decides to be a mad scientist with the glass of water and the glass of chocolate milk - pouring one into the other until both are all over the kitchen. I'd have appreciated "perhaps not". No, instead I get "What mama, I just dwinking?"

Or when she clobs her daddy over the head with a screwdriver... but you get the point.

Perhaps not would save us oh so much grief...


I got another request for a partial today! Querying is fun again. ;)

I promise a longer post later - it was another crazy, sleepless night with the kiddos and my brain is only working at half capacity. Not good. Off to find more coffee...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Go hug someone you love!
I'm clearly a mom because my best present right now is that my little scamp of a two year old hasn't thrown up in over 24 hours. WOO!!!! We did have some false alarms last night - I mean, when the vomiting is predicated by "I not throw up" it can cause some confusion. So when she coughed last night, and I scooped her up and ran to the bathroom with her saying "I not gonna thwow up!" I did feel a little bad. Apparently she meant it. I could tell because: A) she didn't throw up and B) she sounded totally annoyed with me.
Oh the glamour. How do I deal with it all and stay so humble, you might ask.... ;)
Also, I have a beautiful handmade Valentine from my red head and tons of cuddles from the little Mystery Man.
The big mystery man is, no doubt, planning something fantastic from his office. I might just go out there and double check on that...
Have fun, all!

Souvenier US Debut!

OK, it was yesterday... circumstances here made blogging impossible yesterday, however. I'm sure I'll blog about all of that later...

but for now - I want to alert you to a wonderful book that just came out, by an equally wonderful person and blog buddy.

I was fortunate enough to win a copy of the UK edition, so I've had this in my hot little hands for some time, but now the rest of you can join in the fun.

You can order Souvenier here, and you can get to know Therese here.


Tentative jumping for joy

I've heard that the writer's strike *may* be over. A deal seems to be on the table that was discussed yesterday. I still have my ear to the ground to find out if there are shouts of jubilation in Hollywood - I can't find any confirmation that the writer's are officially back to work, but it's the most hopeful news I've heard in a long while.

Our poor little DVD player is wearing out! We're limping across the finish line... c'mon writers!!!!


You'll be happy to know that the banana bread turned out just fine! Lacking in some protein, but decidedly edible. Except for my two year old who only licks butter off of baked goods.

We're off to the annual family "Winter Ball" tonight, at my daughter's school, with all three munchkins. Wish us luck! The girls think they're going to be Cinderella. I'm merely hoping to survive for an hour without any major catastrophe. That is by no means guaranteed.


What happens when you make banana bread that calls for one egg and two egg whites, but leave out those highly forgettable whites?

I'll let you know in about 10 minutes when it comes out of the oven...