I'm baaack!

I took off for California there without a word - sorry Blogworld!! I thought I'd have time for a farewell post, but apparently getting two little girls and my pregnant self on a plane was a wee bit more work than I thought. ;)

We had a fabulous trip, though! The flight was survived by all with the help of Max and Ruby on a laptop and my big girl learned to swim with her very patient aunts (who happened to be champion swimmers and teachers). YAY! I can't say that either of the girls are too thrilled to be back in the Pacific Northwest.

In other news... DH went in for the big SNIP today. That was fun. Really. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to hyperventilate in the little support person chair. Let's just say he was a tiny bit stressed about the whole thing. (But very willing to do it, bless his heart). At one point he nearly broke my hand. Mind you, this is a ten minute procedure. He then asked the doctor, "Hey, you've seen a lot of these (I belive the doc has done TEN THOUSAND of them), how'm I doing?"

Doctor "Eh, a little over the top."

That's when I lost it. That could be my husband's life slogan: Eh, a little over the top.

Lest you think I'm truly evil for falling on the floor in hysterics during his pain, he said that my laughing took his mind off of things and made the whole thing more lighthearted. So, just doing my job! (and he did give me permission to blog about it!)

Of course, if he laughs during labor I'll chuck something at his head, but that's another thing entirely!


Kathleen said...

Rob that is too hilarious.

September 2, 2007 at 1:53 PM

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