Big Week!!

It's kind of a funny paradox that when I have things to blog about, those things are making me so busy that I don't have time to blog. ;)

First off - my baby girl turned TWO this weekend. I know it's a cliche but she really did come home from the hospital yesterday - so sweet, so quiet, so disguising the little tornado that she is today. ;) At two, some of her favorite phrases are "I NEED it!" and "I do too (fill in the blank whatever her 6 year old sister is doing)". She also has a cheeky little streak that gets me, just when I'm trying to be a good mom and discipline some sense into her. For instance, the other day after touching the tv screen that she is not, under any circumstances, supposed to touch, I came toward her to give her a time out. Just as I was announcing what I was doing, she looked at me, did her impish little grin, and made her tummy into some wacky wave maching - a new trick she'd been practicing for just the right moment. It's weird, and hilarious, and she totally got me. Moment gone. *sigh*

I have some work to do to make sure she ends up on the path for good rather than evil. ;)

Then - my big girl started first grade. This is real school now! I mean, kindergarten was intense, but only three days a week. This is five days a week, with homework, and PE and everything! And, in a cruel trick of fate, though she's the chattiest little girl you'd want to meet, she doesn't like to discuss things that have already happened. So I've got very little idea how her first two days went, except that she's thrilled to go every day.

In an attempt to find out *anything* today, I asked her to tell me one thing, anything, that she did today.

"Well, Mom" (long suffering voice), "I went to the bathroom!" *sigh*.... I mentioned this to my dad and he said "Hm, I wonder where she got that smart mouth?!" Great. Life coming back to bite me.

I did manage to pry out of her that she's studying: "Literature, Math, Bibliography, and Geographically" Could that be Biology and Geography?! Bingo! Hopefully I learn more on curriculum night.

And the little scamps have become "bunk mates" and are sleeping in bunk beds for the second night in a row. Guess which one thinks she should sleep up top? So for now, they're both cuddling on the top bunk and sharing a reading light. ;)


Kimber An said...

What an adventure! You have such cool graphics on this blog too.

September 8, 2007 at 10:54 AM

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