Yet another update

Hello blog buddies!

I feel like every day so much is happening - many things that deserve their own post, but you'll have to endure these update posts every few days till things settle down a little.

So... here are a few things going on in Mystery Robin Land:

1) The two year old is miraculously using the potty all by herself. Sadly, she is also using quite a bit of TP and I've already had two toilets, shall we say, cough at the contents. Still - no complaints. I can't believe she's doing it all on her own at barely two years old. Go Girl!!!

2) I've been creating my "home handbook" for organizing my *entire* life thanks to the great Kimber and her post on creating her dump book. Mine is of course a little different, but I was able to indulge my passion for school supplies today - and already I'm feeling more empowered and organized. It's so great to have a place to put ideas! As I get the hang of it, I'll devote a post entirely to the new organization.

3) Fall activities - I usually err on the side of fewer activities, but... we're getting bored! So, guitar lessons start for the 6 year old this week (she rocks at Guitar Hero, so I'm sure she'll do great - LOL). Midweek church starts this week, also, and swim for the little one and tennis for the big one, start next week. It's all part of my strategy to make them more tired! Again - I promise a post soon about the two year old and the "water snake" and why she's starting swimming so young. :)

4) Baby news - I just had an appointment that was a little troubling. Apparently the last ultrasound not only showed possible placenta previa (ugh - I so don't need bed rest in my life right now) but also a small cyst on the baby's brain. I won't know what that means till I get another ultrasound, hopefully this coming week. It could be completely benign - it could be an issue for the developing brain - it could be an indicator of trisomy (Down's or Edward's Syndromes) - I just don't know. I tend to be a person who thinks everything is absolutely fine till I'm greeted with incontravertable evidence to the contrary - but it is a little sobering. I'll post an update when I know more!

5) The house went on the market today. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Now we're praying for a quick sale - PLEASE!!!! Then I can buy my minivan. ;) I've so given up on cool...

6) And last, but not least, I've decided to become a country music fan. Yes, that's right, you heard it here first. I who have rejected that genre my entire life have decided that I'm embracing it wholly! I've listened to the country station now for all of 2 days. I'll let you know how it takes. Not that anyone or any album will replace my love of everything Chris Isaak - but hey - he's a little bit country. ;) This, by the way, is in my search for happy music. I'm tired of all the whining rockers. I need music that's happy. I used to loooove alt rock in college, but I was at a private school, 5 minutes from the Santa Barbara beach. I could deal with the imagined issues of the troubled guitar player. Now I just want to tell them to shut up and get over it. ;)


Melissa Marsh said...

Robin - hugs on the ultrasound. I know my friend's sister had an ultrasound like that where there was a cyst on the baby's brain, but everything turned out fine. It disappeared and the baby was completely healthy. I pray that the same happens for you!

I had to laugh when you said you wanted happy music and are turning to country music! I'd have to say it's one of the LEAST happy music mediums! But they do have some fun songs, of course.

Take care of yourself!

September 17, 2007 at 8:04 AM
Mystery Robin said...

LOL! My husband said the same thing. Actually he said "you know it's GOOD country music if it makes you sad." Pshaw, I say! My new favorite song is "Online" - "I'm so much cooler online" ha!!! See, that's fun!

We'll see if it sticks. ;)

September 17, 2007 at 11:30 AM
Kimber An said...

Whoa, you're a busy Mama! I know how scary ultrasounds can be. Hope everything turns out well.

September 17, 2007 at 4:05 PM
Tia Nevitt said...

Good luck on that ultrasound. Let's hope it was just some sort of glitch. But if it was not, well I have a special needs child and she is a sheer joy!

Love that you went country. I made the switch in high school. It's amusing that you think country is "happy music" but with the likes of Brad Paisley, Toby Kieth and Alan Jackson out there, maybe that is true these days!

September 18, 2007 at 5:55 PM

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