Babe's ok!

Just had the big ultrasound today and all is well! The cyst on baby's brain is totally gone and there are no other markers for anything worrisome. In fact, my risk factors for some things were as low as the perinatologist had every seen. YAY!!!!! Of course, things go wrong that aren't screened for, I know, but I'm just glad to have this particular thing behind me. I was really telling myself that it was totally fine, nothing to worry about, but found myself crying all night at sheer relief (I think - or at just being pregnant - fortunately two hohos made me feel much better).

Also, no more placenta previa - double woo!!!! No worries about hospital bed rest and other scary complications from that.

And the eye is healing nicely. I haven't seen my whole world go purple in a few days, so hopefully the danger of laser eye surgery is behind me as well. And really, I think contemplating surgery with my EYE OPEN was really wigging me out.

Ahhhhh... back to my regularly scheduled life, which is of course still turned upside down as we're selling the house, selling the car, buying a new car (suddenly I want a Suburban instead of a minivan - I drove one and felt a sly smile creep across my face as I realized I could do ANYTHING in this car!), and tennis lessons and church activities start this week.

I can't even contemplate typing anything about my word count right now except to say I'm steadily making progress, just veeeerrrryyyy slooowwwllllyyyyy. My poor critique partner is going to forget the beginning of the book by the time I give her the end.

Oh, and the baby kicks just like his oldest sister, more evidence that he's going to be a red head!


Melissa Marsh said...

Oh Robin, what a relief! I'm so happy for you!

September 26, 2007 at 10:06 AM
Travis Erwin said...

Great news and certainly a load of your mind.

September 26, 2007 at 1:43 PM

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