Cars, Cats, and Quotes.

I know you're all dying to know how the Durango search progresses. I've been looking. It's my new hobby - put the kids in the car when they're acting crazy because it's rained every blessed day of summer break so far and go look at Durangos.

I'm going to see a shiny black one tomorrow I'm very hopeful about. We shall see. I will post pics when I get one! And in the meantime, if anyone wants a Honda Accord that we've outgrown... ;)

Also - took the cat to the vet today. She was long overdue for shots. For some reason, I feel like a freak when I'm at the pediatric office telling them no more than two shots at a time. Space those babies out, and please reassure me that there are no carcinogens in the vaccine.

When I go to the vet, I get a long speech about how cautious they are with vaccines and they only give what's absolutely necessary, just to be safe. OK, feeling good. They they say... "And, we give them in the leg, so that if the cat develops cancer at the injection site we can just amputate the leg and the cat's fine." Um... really? The cat's fine? I know the kids get their vaccines in the leg too, but I don't think the logic holds... but not to worry, the vaccine company pays for the amputation. Sheesh.

Some favorite quotes today:

From Janet Reid in her Query Shark blog: "Resist the urge to bless me in a query letter. Please. I know you mean well, but this just isn't the place for that. "

OK, I had more, but can't get them exactly right. This is my brain on three children - at midnight.

Time to go off to bed.


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