See you soon!

I'm going to be offline for a week or two - I'm getting some health issues that I alluded to fixed, and I didn't want you all to think I'd just disappeared.

I will leave you with a few conversations had around the House of Mystery:

Boop: I tried to keep the sun from going down the other day. Most people don't know that the sun follows you - or you follow the sun - so I went out to the backyard when it was very late and looked at where the sun was going down, then ran all the way to the other side of the yard to keep it up!
Red: Um... I don't think that really happened.

At prayer time, DH talked about Jesus being God, and also being born by Mary.
Boop: So did Jesus just look at Mary, snap his fingers and say 'that's my girl?'
DH: Something like that...

Me: Well, I made it to 39,050 words - my goal was 40K before I went in on Tuesday, but I'm close.
DH: So, if you just wrote 950 more you'd make it?

I made it. ;) Yay for 40,000 words! And I'm bringing my book on the history of dirigibles with me to the hospital. :)


CelsaNajar0998 said...
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Kathleen said...

good luck sweetie! thinking of you!

April 27, 2010 at 1:45 PM
Medical Librarian said...

Hope you're doing well. Take good care of yourself!

April 28, 2010 at 12:02 PM
PorshaCoghlan梁子珠 said...
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