So now it's Wednesday

And Dear Hubby left for Georgia at four in the morning. He's probably still on a plane and can't get enough coffee.

The kids all seemed fine until last night. This morning, one was sick. The other wouldn't wake up for school. (I mean, she was breathing and conscious, just refusing to acknowledge morning. I may have played that card myself once or twice). And Mystery Man went non-verbal when he realized we were nearly out of chocolate milk. This would also be the morning I realized I had an entire manilla envelope full of construction paper I needed to cut out for a Kindergarten class project... today.

So... I made cinnamon rolls, let the kids sleep till 9:30, and got them to school by 10 - with the cutting project all done.

Just one more reason I'm not making mother of the year this year. Again. It's like Lauren Graham at the Emmy's. At least I'm in good company.

I'm pretty sure if I had a dog, he'd have licked the girls faces till they woke up, made me my coffee, and we'd have made it on time. Right?


Mirka Breen said...

You could make DH feel very important when he gets back by telling him all this^, or you could do what a friend’s DH & kids claimed when she returned from a trip: “Everything was fine and we got along without you just great.” It took but a few hours for their version to begin unraveling.
I recommend truth and appreciation. Until then, courage.

November 30, 2011 at 1:38 PM
Jennie Bailey said...

It's funny that you say this is why you aren't making mother of the year! When I read this I thought - now THAT is a great mom. You got the kids to school. So what if they were late? They had cinnamon rolls in their bellies! I think the best parents are the ones who adapt - daily. Seems like you rolled with the punches this morning and it worked out!

November 30, 2011 at 1:51 PM

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