The Daughter of Time and the Son of Mystery Robin

Wow, I've been busy. Have I mentioned that Mystery Man is crawling all over the place? And I, of course, have been chasing him. The good news is that he spends less time perched on my hip so my back is starting to resume it's normal shape. Which is good, because my husband was starting to worry that I was becoming a hunchback.

Speaking of hunchbacks, I have a book recommendation for you:

The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey. It's a classic out of the Golden Age of mysteries. Being a fan, also, of the Golden Age of Hollywood, it's a natural for me. ;) Tey basically uses the foil of a Scotland Yard detective lying in a hospital bed bored out of his skull and in need of a mystery to discuss Richard the Third and whether or not he really is the monster that Shakespeare and history makes him out to be. What really happened to those princes in the tower?!

It's fascinating, and while it's short, it's somehow not a quick read.

I'm a little bummed that blogger isn't letting me add images today, but I'll update tomorrow if things are working better. Stay tuned for more book recommendations. I've been on a roll, lately!


Kimber An said...

I have two words of comfort for you:



Sounds like a cool book too!

August 24, 2008 at 5:40 PM

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