What a weekend!

I am tired! In the next few days I have a little girl starting second grade (and why do I always end up going to 5 stores trying to find just the right school supplies from the list?!), a little girl turning 3, who, incidentally, does not want to turn 3 in order to get her presents. She would like to remain 2, but still have a cake and gifts. Me too. And who only wants Wall-E for her birthday. I have a Wall-E cake, a Wall-E claw, but no Wall-E. Everyone is sold out of Wall-E. GRRR!!!!

And I'm madly working on revisions to meet a deadline and find myself immersed (figuratively) in the Bering Sea.

The little man isn't starting anything or turning anything but he IS and therefore I am tired. ;)

So, while I procrastinate from one of the many, many things I need to do right now, I'll leave you with this exchange.

After getting home from 2 hours of birthday shopping with the little Mystery Man, I am greeted by my little Betty Boop 2 year old...

BB: Mama, it took you so long to come home!
Me: Yes it did! But I was out getting your birthday presents.
BB: Oh!!! Can I have them?
Me: No, you have to wait till Tuesday on your birthday. They're hiding out in the car.
BB: Is there a real guy out there?
Me: What?
BB: Is there a real guy in the car? I have to go see him!
Me: No... I didn't buy you a person for your birthday...
BB: But you are getting me Wall-e
Me: (ah, the mind of a 2 year old. Of course Wall-e is a real person) Yes, well, about that. I had a talk with Wall-e.
BB: You did?!
Me: Yes, and he really wants to be here for your birthday, but it's so far to come from outer space, that he's not sure he'll make it in time. (BB looking verrrrry skeptical). So, he sent a present for you (the Wall-e robotic arm claw) and said that he and Eve will be here for Christmas.
BB: Well, I think he can just roll on over here. Wall-e can roll...

This went on for some time. I'm still looking madly for Wall-e, but in the meantime, hopefully I've laid the ground work - and there's always the bongo drum set to distract her...

OK, back to my edits!


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