Election Night

We had CNN on all night - in the background while I was trying to make lowfat chicken stroganoff, and my 3 year old was making "soup" out of cinamoon sugar, tomatoes, blackberry juice, and parmesan cheese, and my 7 year old was reciting memory work and the little man was pulling everything out of every drawer...

We paused it for dinner, then watched some more, bathed the kids, put them to bed, then my oldest tiptoed down the stairs to inform us that her sister was asleep as she tried to steal a few moments of special adult time.

We let her stay up to watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech. We asked her if she understood what was going on, and she said she did - that history would be made either way by having a woman or an African American in the white house.

Often, watching CNN or any other sort of news and especially politics makes me want to hide my head and pretend I live somewhere else at some other time. Hence the fiction writing. But tonight, I was really glad to be an American living at this time and in this place. After listening to both speeches I was inspired by the character of both men. They were gracious, heartfelt speeches and I really believed both of them when they said that they put others above themselves, that they would work together for the good of America. John McCain proved it in Hanoi. Obama's about to.

It's a good night to be an American.


Melissa Marsh said...

I felt humbled yesterday when I was voting - to think, that at the beginning of last century, women didn't have the right to vote. Now we do. In fact, it's a blessing to live in a country where we can vote for our leaders.

November 5, 2008 at 1:02 PM

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