Our evening thus far

Poor little Mystery Man didn't get his nap and fell asleep at 5:30 on the living room floor. I can only hope and pray he's down for the night.

Red and I were in the living room working on an oral book report she needs to give at an assembly tomorrow - in front of the entire grammar school. She's in love with the Dragon series by Chris D'Lacey, so she's going to talk about the first one, but she can't for the life of her remember the author's name. I've suggested bringing a notecard (and was shot down), I've suggested keeping the book in her desk and glancing at it just before the assembly (her desk is too crowded), finally I just made her stand in front of me and say her report over and over. She's still struggling with remembering bits of it, but finally said, "If I can remember 'Chris D'Lacey' I can remember all of it - bottom line."

One can only hope.

In the other room DH is entertaining Betty Boop with the Wii while we work. This is what I overheard.

DH: Hey, Boop, don't throw the controller at me!
Boop: But it's the fastest way to get it to you.
DH: Sometimes the fastest way isn't always the better way (a line shamelessly stolen from a Handy Manny episode)
Boop: But it gets the job done quicker!
DH: Yeah, but sometimes getting the job done quicker isn't the most important thing. Sometimes not hurting your dad is.


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