SpongeBob Immersion Therapy

My oldest has hated SpongeBob since the first time he flitted across her screen 6 years ago. If he comes on anywhere, she runs from the room. She's not scared of him, but she despises him so much, it is its own form of terror.

So, of course, it's Miss Boop's favorite show. I never actually let her tape it, because of Red. But she has SpongeBob coloring books, paiting books, ipod apps.

Then one day... I taped it. And she watched it with such adoration, I had to tape it again.

Today, we had this conversation after school:

Red: Let's watch Phineas and Ferb
Boop: SpongeBob!
Me: We have to pick one everyone likes. Red's aversion to SpongeBob is legendary.
Red: It's ok... I still have a huge grudge against SpongeBob, but I am warming to it - let's say I'm adapting.
Boop: Would you say you're becoming more comfortable with SpongeBob?
Red: Well, I guess so.


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