Steak and TV

My husband and I were fortunate enough to be treated to dinner at the Metropolitan Bar and Grill the other night. It's a fabulous steak house in Seattle and I'd never been. It was a warm summer night, which is a fabulous time to be walking around Seattle, the restaurant was beautiful - all deep woods and shiny brass and little green bankers lamps, and the steak was amazing. I mean, after the first bite, I felt like it was a crime against nature for beef to ever be prepared any other way. Every other good bite of beef I'd ever had paled in comparison. I might as well eat chicken. Or fish. And I don't even like fish. If I'm not having steak at the Met.

Which is also why television is dead to me. I'm a big fan of good television. Big. I love tv. I actually prefer it to film, usually, because it's there for you every week, ready to hang out, not flitting in and out of your life for a brief two hours with everyone else in the theatre. And yes, I despaired some for the fall lineup after losing lost and 24, but I had some things I still watched - Bones, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, a smattering of "reality" television.

And then, on a whim (and at the prodding of my mother and sister) I turned on The Good Wife. And much like the steak at the Met, I can't watch anything else. I didn't even watch the finale of SYTYCD, and for those of you reading this blog last summer, you know I love SYTYCD. I tried to watch Lie to Me. Nope, still like Tim Roth, but I was bored. Tried to watch Top Chef. Eh. It's gone the way of Red Robin hamburgers. It's just bleh.

So now I need something new to do with all my time. Something besides staring at my Tivo menu willing a new episode of The Good Wife to spontaneously appear. That doesn't work, by the way, but now I have an honest answer to the "what would your super power be" question.
(You can keep your vampires and werewolves, thank you very much)


Melissa Marsh said...

The only t.v. show I watch is Mad Men and I watch it the next day on the Internet.

Wait - I lied. I also watch "Hogan's Heroes" on a regular basis. But those are all on DVD.

August 13, 2010 at 8:50 AM
Jennie Bailey said...

I'll have to check out The Good Wife. I'm more partial to cable. Justified. Love love love it. Burn Notice (but I've such the crush on Bruce Campbell even at that weight!). I bet I could get into The Good Wife. In fact, I think we have all the seasons available OnDemand. Ooooh, I know what I'm doing this weekend.

If that's the Met, it looks beautiful. I'm not a carnivore, though, so the steak wouldn't tempt me. I'll have to have my dad and brother take the hubster there next time we visit! He would appreciate it.

P.S. - Don't tell anyone, but I love those cheesy made for tv SyFy movies! The bad acting, the bad script, the bad special effects...I just can't resist!

August 13, 2010 at 8:54 PM
Mystery Robin said...

Jennie - that is the Met, and you could get a lovely salad and baked potato. ;) I'm jealous if you have The Good Wife On Demand - I've missed a few and can't find them online anywhere! And I keep hearing good things about Burn Notice - I'll have to check it out. I do think part of my attachment to The Good Wife is my long standing crush on Chris Noth. ;)
Melissa - if you only watch two shows, might I suggest you try The Good Wife? That way if it ruins you for the rest of tv, as it did with me, you really don't have much to lose. ;) You can see clips and 4 full episodes on

August 13, 2010 at 9:22 PM
Robin said...

"I love tv. I actually prefer it to film, usually, because it's there for you every week, ready to hang out, not flitting in and out of your life for a brief two hours with everyone else in the theatre."

THIS is why we are soul sisters Rob. Amen. I'd take TV over movies any and every day. Movies make me work too hard -- trying to figure out who the people are, what they are doing, if I like them or not. TV is filled with old friends who keep coming back week after week.

(I will give The Good Wife another try.)

August 15, 2010 at 9:39 PM
Mystery Robin said...

We *are* soul sisters! Definitely check it out again - did you just see one episode? I've still missed the first couple, but didn't have any trouble cutting in later in the season. I'm seriously counting the minutes till the next one comes on (at 1:37 am Wednesday morning)

August 15, 2010 at 10:52 PM
Robin said...

I think I saw 2 episodes at the beginning of the season. One that I saw had her defending an old friend's son who was accused of murder . . . they were still unpacking the history of her husband/the attorney asking her to lie to protect her husband, etc. I liked it OK, but I didn't love it and there were other things on the schedule that I wanted to see instead at the time.

I think you'd like Burn Notice. And have you seen Leverage? It's very Thomas Crown Affair meets Robin Hood (criminals create cons and return money to victims that have been taken advantage of by crooked people/companies). A new summer show that we've liked is Memphis Beat. Cop drama with some comedy thrown in. Dude from My Name is Earl is in it.
OK, gonna go set the DVR. ;)

August 16, 2010 at 10:42 PM
Mystery Robin said...

I keep hearing that about Burn Notice - I'm going to have to check it out. And you have me really intrigued by Leverage!
I hope your DVR is all set by now! But, you can go here:
and see the last 4 leading up to the one that airs Wednesday morning. No need to wait!

August 16, 2010 at 11:01 PM

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