Back to school

School started this week. That picture over there is my happy face. And this year, Boop starts Pre-K. So far she's been so excited each morning she can't eat breakfast, and has lots of ideas about her uniform.

It's always a little bumpy getting back into the school routine. For instance, the girls have to go to bed and actually turn off their light instead of staying up all hours reading. So last night, when I went up to check on them, Boop bounced out of her room and flipped on the hall light saying, "What do you think we are - nocturnal?" I believe she was trying to tell me she couldn't see in the dark, which is of course the point of sleeping, as I explained to her, I hope patiently, but probably not.

The Mystery Man and I are getting our exercise in the morning, having coffee together, and then we each have our computer time. I'm writing the final chapters of my Steampunk book and MM favors his Thomas the Tank Engine online games, and this very strange massively multiplayer game for toddlers featuring a kid on a skateboard as an avatar. I think it's Danish. At least the robot that walks you through it has a European accent that I can't quite place. I should be working in some more regular blog posts during our three free mornings a week, too.


Jennie Bailey said...

I wish I hadn't checked your blog before bed. That frog is going to show up in my dreams tonight. I just know it. And not the fun, kiss a toad and it turns into a prince dreams either! Like shackled to the floor next to the frog king and forced to dance for him kind of dreams. Oh wait, that's Star Wars. Nevermind.

I think it's so cute that Boop has been excited enough she doesn't eat breakfast in the morning. It's always great when they're excited that early on about school!

Glad to have you back! I was missing your posts!

September 11, 2010 at 12:28 AM
traci said...

Nice to have you back! Can't wait to hear more about Boop's uniform ideas.

September 11, 2010 at 11:30 AM
Mystery Robin said...

Jennie - I hope I didn't give you nightmares! I thought it was a fun little frog face. ;)

Traci - Boop is very clear about her length of sleeves, tights vs. socks, and insistent on wearig a "sword" which I finally realized meant the sweater with the school logo on it. It didn't matter that she was hot, she needed her sword. ;)

September 12, 2010 at 3:46 PM

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