Detectives and Dickensian Mice

I thought I'd give you a preview of my latest knitting project. Isn't he adorable? This isn't mine, this is Jen29 from Ravelry but I just bought the pattern and should have my very own soon. I'm also planning to do some Dickensian Mice and a little Chimney Sweep. They help me stay in the right head space for my book when I can't actually be writing.

Right now I'm about 10,000 words and one particularly sticky decision away from finishing. I should be able to knock that out in a week - or rather, one week from when I figure out my plot point. It's kind of like getting a knot in your knitting. Or, you know, when your 2 year old pulls all the stitches off your needles. Not that I'd know what that feels like...


Jennie Bailey said...

I'm so impressed! I know that isn't yours, but I'm impressed that you are going to be making one of your own. SO talented! Congrats on being so very close to finishing. Good luck with the particularly sticky decision!

September 20, 2010 at 10:20 PM

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