Back to school colds

Getting sick when you go back to school is as much a tradition, it seems, as picking out a new binder and sharpening pencils. Right now, Red is down for the count, with Mystery Man looking a little punky. Boop is holding strong out of sheer will, but we'll see how long she lasts.

I thought I'd share the note Red sent down last night when she was wondering if enough time had passed to have some more Tylenol for her poor, sore throat:

Has it been an hour yet?
It sure feels like it's been one.
A MISERABLE one at that!
Help, somehow, please!

-From a Fed-Up Red

My children are all so understated.


Jennie Bailey said...

Poor Red! I feel for her. What an adorable note! Although, I'm sure she doesn't think so since she's the one who is ill. Fingers crossed Mystery Man looks better today, Boop hangs tough and the cold bounces off your SuperMom shield.

September 22, 2010 at 1:54 PM

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