What to be, what to be...

Boop: Do you have to dress up for the whole day on Halloween?

Me: Well, you have to wear your Renaissance Princess costume all day at school on Friday, but then you can take it off. And on Halloween, you just dress up for trick or treating.

Boop: Oh good. I'm still deciding what to be on Halloween.

Me: Be a princess like you will be for school. (Mom's love costumes to do double duty)

Boop: (sounding concerned) But I really want to wear my vampire teeth.

Me: You can be a vampire princess.
Boop: That's just silly. Who ever heard of a vampire princess! I think I should be a mouse
Me: So you have heard of a vampire mouse...
Boop: Of course.


Jennie Bailey said...

Adorable! And I think you just gave me my Halloween costume - I'll be a vampire princess because that just sounds so cool!

October 21, 2010 at 11:53 PM

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