I couldn't say it better myself...

The Emmy nominations have been made. This year, I can't really rant about Lauren Graham getting passed over, yet again, because I wasn't really feeling Gilmore this season (till the last few). But I will just say for old times sake that she's been robbed, year after year!

However, the nominations still leave much to be desired. The most obvious miss is Matthew Fox. Did none of the voters see Through the Looking Glass?

But, rather than rehash everything here, I'll link you to my favorite Lost blog, where Brian goes through each category and basically says exactly what I'm thinking - like why is Grey's Anatomy all over the nominations when this was arguably their least successful season?

Here's the link: Lost and Gone Forever

I also share his love for Top Chef!! Although I'm not sure I see Chef Tom as quite the champion of the contestants that he does. Tom always has that humorous gleam in his eye, like he's just waiting for everything to fall apart. He's definately not (the beloved) Tim Gunn, but I do love Tom in his own right. ;)


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