D-13, random bits, and a funny story

Just one more day till Christmas Eve. WOO!!!! That means one more day to get through till I can start wishing in earnest that the baby arrives. And of course, I just need to wish really hard -right?!

I'm pausing to reflect right now that the above paragraph sounds really happy and enthusiastic, at great contast with my actual, physical mopey self.

Isn't the internet great. :)

All I have left to do is to wrap two presents that I can't find (2 year old alert) and rewrap two presents that I previously wrapped (2 year olds are so much fun.)

I'm still on Christmas break from writing, but am jotting down notes and adding agents to my agent spreadsheet. Just curious - does anyone here use Litmatch.net or Querytracker.com? I'm wondering if it's easier than my handy dandy Excel spreadsheet.

Also, I'll leave you with a humerous conversation I had with my 7 year old, who is still trying to face her fear of zombies. All credit for the "zombie defeating device" idea goes to my wonderful blog buddy, Anissa.

To set the scene - it's midnight. I'm in bed but not asleep, as usual these days. The door opens... in comes a little red head, with a miners light strapped to her head, glowing red - it's what she reads by. The whole room lights up.

Red head: I'm afraid of zombies.

Me: Oh really.

Red head: I know, I know they're not real, but I just can't stop my imagination!

I see a cardboard tube that formerly held wrapping paper propped up by the side of the bed. Great! I don't have to move! I grab the tube and hand it to her.

Me: Here, take this - it's a zombie defeating device.

Red head: It's a cardboard tube.

Me: It changes the undead to real living creatures. They can't turn you into zombies if they're living. We'll just calmly escort them from the house after you hit them on the head with the tube.

Red head: MOM!!!! It's a tube!

Me: Are zombies real?

Red head: No

Me: Then the tube is as real as the zombies.

She leaves in disgust, closing the door behind her. Thirty seconds later the door opens again - hand reaches through the open door

Red head: I'll take the tube.


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