D - 18

Yep, just 18 days to go. A veritable eternity unto itself when taken moment by moment. But I tell myself it's like jogging around the track -- that mile marker seems a long way off till you look behind you and realize how far you've come. Eighteen days *ago* doesn't seem like that long.

So. Theoretically, I'll make it. Dh has ordered me to surrender all castor oil or castor oil like substances till after Christmas. We'll see...

In the meantime, I distract myself. If you all aren't reading Meg Cabot's blog, go check out her latest post. She's posting while on Percocet, and while she's normally funny, she's really hilarious now. I'll just say she's referring to her one remaining ovary as Lefty. It's funny enough to make me overlook the fact that she's dissing my tv boyfriend Steve Carell and my new favorite movie Dan in Real Life. I mean, sure, they do aerobics as a family in the movie and have crossword wars and when I came home from the film and suggested both of those activities I was met with blank stares of horror - still, it works in the film - and it's hilarious. And it's Steve Carell. Need I say more.

OK, just one little picture.
So, that's probably enough for one post. Check in tomorrow to see if I made it through day 17. ;)


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