How to have a little fun at home...

So, nothing was on, and I was a little bored. My dear hubby turned on Project Runway. I'd already seen it this week, and frankly, it was subpar, so I didn't feel like watching it again. But... I did do this...

ME: Who were the finalists last year?
DH: It was between Chris March and that guy from Israel - Remy? Raymi?
ME: Rami
DH: Right, and Christian, but I can't remember the other one.
ME: Uma, Umi, Uni...
DH: Uli
ME: Right.
DH: But she was from Season 3, not Season 4. Your memory is terrible, I know this.
ME: No she wasn't, she was last year. And my memory is spectacular, let's just get that out on the table.
DH: No... she was from Season 3 with Jeffrey.
ME: No, we started watching Season 2, so she was season 2, but we started Top Chef season 3...
DH: Ahhhh!!! No, we did not! I can't believe I'm having this conversation! We started watching Season 3, Jeffrey won, then we got all into it and watched Season 2 when Chloe won, then we saw 4 with Christian and now it's Season five!
ME: That's what I said. We started watching Top Chef on Season 2, and Project Runway on Season 3.
ME: *Laughing hysterically* My work here is done.


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