Private Arrangements Review

First of all, I apologize for my review being late - again. All I can say is that I got caught up in the craziness of the home front that is three small children.

Secondly, if any of you are wondering if blogs sell books, this is proof. I'm really a die hard mystery reader first and foremost...but, I read about Sherry Thomas's spectacular query letter on Kristin Nelson's blog - and was hooked! Then I started reading Sherry's blog and eventually Schemes of Love became Private Arrangements and then it was released! YAY!

Sherry delivers a unique premise and executes it perfectly. Sometimes the execution falls flat after such a fun hook, but not this time. Gigi Rowland has snared herself a duke, adding a title to her already ammassed fortune, and she did it by buying up all of his debts and then telling him she'd call them on him if he didn't marry her. Voila, a ring! Sadly, her duke dies about a week before the wedding. He was old and a lech so it's not that sad for her except that she really wanted that title. Enter his charming nephew - also broke, but not so easily bought.

He does, however, fall in love and lust with Gigi. But she has more shenanigans up her sleeve and he makes her pay for them. So their glorious marraige lasts all of one day before they make for separate coasts. He leaves for America, she stays in England. For ten years they go on like this till she wants a divorce and he first demands an heir.

Of course, they never really got over each other.

The heat level in this book is highly sensual, and it's not just reserved for sex scenes. It's plenty present in chapter one. Thomas really does use desire as a device throughout the book to show Gigi as flesh and blood and, along with her head for finance, really a modern woman trapped in the Victorian age. But if you don't like a lot of description, this book isn't for you. I personally found it less abrupt than a romance where the sex scene just appears out of nowhere.

If you enjoy this, pick up Sherry's next book, Delicious!


Kathleen said...

love the review! I totally agree! Did you end up forgiving Camden??

September 25, 2008 at 12:12 PM

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