Catch up post

A few things I've done while I've been gone (from the blogosphere)

1) Taken the cover off the furnace intake vent and crawled halfway into the (aptly named) crawlspace to look for a missing ipod touch. I did not find it, but did find three toothbrushes which tells me that I had good reason for thinking that Mystery Man might have shoved the ipod down there and solves the mystery of "where do all the toothbrushes go"

2) Tried to scissor cut my silver persian fur-nephew who has a deep, deep phobia of groomers. Confidence is a good thing, people, but knowing the limits of one's talents is also a good thing. My talents with cats extend to scratching them behind the ears, dangling catnip in front of their little paws, and trimming nails. Now I know.

3)Been both elated at the discovery of the "new adult" contest that St. Martin's is running for upper YA/adult crossover books, because Lamplight is about 18 year olds who have graduated from high school, - and devastated at seeing the first entry is for a steampunk book. Must. Finish. Book.

Revisions should be done by the end of the week, so I'll have lots of time for fun things like blogging!


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