A lovely day for a walk

What does one do on a lovely fall morning, with bright sunlight and leaves all over the sidewalk, but take ones delightful young offspring on a walk.

And so it begins.

Soon after this, I found myself on the sidewalk pushing a double stroller with my not quite two year old standing on the back footpad and my four year old "riding" her three wheel Disney Princess stroller.

Yes, I did see bright sunlight and multicolored leaves. Here is what I heard:

Mom, wait, you are rushing me!
Mom, I don't want to go this slow.
Can I just hold the stroller while I go?
Can we walk in the street instead of the sidewalk? It looks easier.
Wait, I can't touch grass and there is grass in my path.
I think I should walk the scooter through the leaves.
If you don't hear my wheels - then STOP!
What did I tell you about my wheels? Do you remember?
I don't want to turn around yet, we just started!
Why are we going so slow? *
You can't hear my wheels, can you?
I just want to catch up with you, but you keep going too fast!
Do you remember the time my sister pushed me down and hurt me? **
I can't go any further.
I can't walk.
My legs are too tired.

And that was when the scooter got slung over the back of the double stroller and Boop managed to drag herself the last 50 feet to our front door.

Welcome, fall, welcome.

*This is about the time Mystery Man decided to walk

**the one time her sister ever knocked her down was while she was riding her razor scooter and cut too close to Boop. Boop has tackled her at least 567 times, yet whenever we pass that particular corner, it is brought up again.


Kathleen said...

I am laughing so hard right now

November 4, 2009 at 1:06 PM

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