Lipstick and top hats

Well, I finished outlining through chapter 10 which is hopefully a bit more than halfway. And yes, tonight I'm writing about steampunk top hats. :) And just *wait* till you meat my airship captain!

In other news - I took Boop and Red to Sephora today - which meant 45 minutes of "Boop, put that back. Hey wait, what's in your basket? Don't knock over the display! Oh, it was Red? Well, I'm sure she was just helping you..." and culminated with me washing lipstick off her ankle when we got home. To say that Boop in Sephora is like a kid in a candy store is both cliche and doesn't convey nearly the frenzy or bliss that come over her when surrounded by rows and rows of lipstick. It's almost chemical.

In her defense, it's hard to sign letters with a kiss if she doesn't have her own lipstick.


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