If my posts seem a little disjointed...

I'm learning a lot about things that refresh and inspire people - what keeps you going. I've always had a hard time putting my finger on what that is for me. There are lots of things I go to. Coffee is one. :)

But, what I've realized lately, is that in the middle of the full on mother of small children thing that I'm doing here, forming a complete adult thought is huge. HUGE! I know this, because I haven't been able to do it lately. My ipod helps out with this a lot. Sometimes, when the kids are running around like mad little jumping beans, I'll put them in the car and just go somewhere. Anywhere. The beach, Barnes and Noble, or just drive in circles hoping they fall asleep while I drink a latte. And while I do this I hook up my ipod and listen to a podcast - something short, like Stuff You Should Know or I Should Be Writing. I can't get a whole sermon in, even though I love to listen to my pastor (he talks for an hour - I've got maybe 15 minutes and not a ton of concentration at these times).

But, poor Podswald the ipod is broken. The Genius bar pretty much told me he's toast, today. And Huey the Netbook is scheduled for repair. Huey lets me check blogs in the kitchen sometimes. And then the sweet, adorable little Mystery Man has decided to make one last onslaught against mommy's sanity and stay up till 10 night after night. My 3 year old already doesn't nap - I don't think I can handle a reality where neither of them nap, but I really don't love the 10pm bedtime.

So, I'm a little rummy. But my phone plays mp3's so hope runs eternal. If I can just get enough brain cells together to figure out this whole vcast thing, I might be speaking in complete sentences by Monday. Dare to dream.


Amy C said...

I'm sorry to hear this, Robin! I know what you mean about wanting to throw the kids in the car and just go...somewhere. And I too cannot envision the reality of no-naps. Emma is still napping at the moment (just turned 3)--majorly knocking on wood here--but not sure how long it will last. Hope your ipod gets better and that Mystery Man starts going to bed earlier so you can get more sanity back!!

May 19, 2009 at 8:48 PM

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