One more week!

I've been using a new reward system to try to keep the little Boop in her bed at night. It involves checking on her every 10 minutes or so for about an hour and a prize the next day - just in case you wonder where I've been. I've been checking off little boxes in Boops room, trying to keep her in bed.

It's been working, and she's been sleeping. This was brought on after I suffered a mini-meltdown for 2 days. Mystery Man had been up till 10 for a few nights in a row and the girls were getting out of their beds every 5 minutes. So, while this is still time consuming, it's better. I've stopped muttering, which is a good sign.

And Lamplight is moving along. I had to rewrite chapter seven because I sort of wrote myself into a corner, and it's almost done. Eight is alredy done so I get to leapfrog, which is always fun.

We're into the final stretch for school - four more days! And no more homework! Red doesn't understand why the last day is a half day. She thinks we should be celebrating the end of school with a day twice as long. That's my girl. ;) This week also has a field trip to the zoo and Egyptian day - for which I've had to make a costume. There was costuming involved for hula, too. People should not assign Robin these tasks. Guess which class I got a C in in Junior High. Yes, Home Ec. I think I had to sew a gym bag. It wasn't pretty. But, so far everything holds together and she looks vaguely Egyptian and Tahitian as is required.

So, hopefully I can check in this week, but if not, I'll catch you on the flip side. Hopefully meltdown free.


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