More on Robin Hood

I bought the Red Head the DK Robin Hood book - you know those books that have lots of explanations along the sidebar - along with the cd. As I was checking out the shop owner mentioned that this follows the original story. Perfect! I said, she's reading the orgininal right now. OK, he said, so she's fine with Robin dying at the end.

Gulp. I would not have been fine with Robin dying.

So, I when I picked her up from school, I broached the subject of a possible sad ending to Robin Hood.

Red: You mean when he dies?
Me: Oh, you knew that?
Red: Well, it's a book about his life, so I assume he dies at the end.
Me: Well, good point.
Red: And I don't think he'd have liked getting old. Plus, it was hundreds of years ago, he'd be dead anyway by now. And he can live forever in my head.

Ever the pragmatist. I'd love someone to explain why she then collapsed into tears a few nights ago because she didn't have the paper where we record how long it takes her to do her homework.


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