My Hamster Wheel

Busy week here, guys!

First, have I mentioned that poor Huey is down for the count? First, his display would go black. No problem, I'd just restart. Then the mouse would stick. Ditto, restart. Then he just wouldn't boot up. Sometimes, if I'd restart, he'd be fine - but if he made this clucking noise during start up, I knew we'd never make it past the boot screen. Now he doesn't even try anymore. He's given up on life and needs to be sent for extensive surgery. Fortunately, some insanely smart person in my house (no, not me) set up a network and my whole netbook is backed up to a server. Whew!!!

Lamplight will not suffer, well, just in that I can't write on the sofa anymore, but I continue to move forward. I've got this big horrible issue in chapter seven I need to work out, but a lot of things are going well with it, so I'm encouraged.

Back to my busy week - Red Head had a reward dinner tonight with the assistant principal at her school and a buch of buddies. Yay Red! Yesterday was my DH's birthday, and preschool, and hula class, and we still had to do homework, and make strawberry spice cupcakes, and wrap presents. WHEW! Much fun was had by all and we now own Lego Indiana Jones. My sweet DH asked for games he could play with the kids. Husband points were awarded.

I've still got a naturopath to see to try to figure out why we've been sick so much (who may or may not be covered, I feel a rant about insurance is in our future), a concert to attend for Red (or send DH to), and a birthday party this Saturday. I'm already tired.

And yes, I did say hula class. What, have I not blogged about that? It's coming. Oh how I wish I could post a video here.


Tia Nevitt said...

Oh, but you can. Just upload it to YouTube and embed it here. So you have no excuse. :) Sounds like great exercise!

May 6, 2009 at 3:05 AM

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