A little more about Boop

In honor of my Boop turning 4, I have a few things for you...

Boop on Baseball:

"I have everything I need to play baseball. I have a helmet. I have a bat. I have a ball. I just don't have a big crowd."

Boop on Parrots:

"People need parrots on their shoulders otherwise they won’t know they’re pirates -- Do you know where my parrot is?"

And, lastly, this overheard at breakfast.

Red: If you copy everything *I* say, then I am going to copy everything *you* say!
BB: Okay!
Red: Okay!
BB: Up!
Red: UP!
BB: Down!
Red: Down
BB: Cereal!
Red: Cereal
BB: Toast!
BB: Toast!
BB: Hey! I said, Toast! You are supposed to be saying everything I say!

I think that didn't quite work out the way Red had imagined.


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