Why Betty Boop Can't Watch Commercials

We have Tivo, so typically Boop doesn't seen any commercials, but there are a couple of kid shows that she really likes that *do* take commercial breaks - most notably, The Magic Schoolbus - and I don't always get to the Tivo remote fast enough to get them off. This morning, she saw a commercial for Pillow Pets. It's a pillow *and* a pet! Imagine the novelty.

Let me tell you, whatever I was doing could have waited.

The deluge started almost immediately.

BB: Mom, did you see that! It's a pillow and a pet! You just fasten the strap and it's a pillow! Then you undo it and it's a pet! I want the one that looks like Buddy! No, wait, the hippo, no the buzzy, buzzy bee. The bee *and* the ladybug!
Me: Oh, I think I saw those at the mall... (MISTAKE!)
BB: So, when are we going to the mall to get my pillow pet?
Me: I did not say we are going to the mall to get your pillow pet.

pause - life ensues for about 10 minutes.

BB: Mom, I have a gweat idea.
Me: We are not going to the mall to get your pillow pet.
BB: You didn't even let me explain my idea.
Me: What is your idea.
BB: We go to the mall...
Me: Uh huh...
BB: To get you a latte...
Me: Uh huh...
BB: And while you are drinking your latte we can get me a pillow pet!
Me: I said no.
BB: But I said we would get your *latte*!

more life ensues - her father comes home

BB: So, Dad, let me tell you about pillow pets!
DH: Rob - what's this pillow pet thing?

Oh, I don't know, what is a pillow pet?

He tells her that we might go to the mall, he's not saying no, but he's not saying yes, but we have to wait for mommy to finish dinner and then we'll see about it. (Dinner was FABULOUS by the way - an avocado, bacon and spinach salad. YUM! Of course, the kids only ate the bacon.)

In the meantime...

BB: Dad, would you read me this book while we wait for the perfect time to go get a pillow pet?

Then, during dinner, I mention that Mystery Man loves spicy, robust foods as I put some pizza flavored goldfish crackers on his plate.

BB: I pwefer simpler things, you know, like salad without all the sauce, and avocado, and bacon...
Red: complicated
BB: and pillow pets.

Finally, daddy announces a trip to the mall. Boop races to the door and grabs the first shoes she can find, pink knee high plastic croc boots in 90 degree weather. DH asks if he can help her as she's struggling to stick her feet into them.

BB: You know what would really be helpful is if you all hurried up so we could get to the mall to get my pillow pet.

It's name is Dot. She's a ladybug. And Boop is sleeping with her right now. Red got a Hello Kitty alarm clock, in red, of course.


Robin said...

LOL! You got suckered in by the pillow pets!
I have to admit that while I've never seen a commercial for them, I saw a booth of pillow pets at the farmers market last summer and I *really* wanted one. They are so soft!
Did you get your latte at least?

September 23, 2009 at 2:02 PM
Melissa Marsh said...


And it also reaffirms my decision to not have any cable at my house! :-)

September 28, 2009 at 1:23 PM
Kathleen said...

really, really funny

October 4, 2009 at 1:44 AM

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