A few things

Just a few random bits as that's how my day is going:

1) Mystery Man had his shots today. He can now take down rusty nails with nary a backwards glance, but... he's a little punky.

2) I'm choosing a steampunk wall clock. Vote on your favorite! http://www.cafepress.com/arcanetimes/3703315

3) I'm about to go make some gluten free banana chocolate chip cookies, but I'm collecting supplies for these: http://www.georgehart.com/trilobites/trilobite.html

4) Red is at her speech meet right now reciting The Ballad of Robin Hood. She has her heart set on a superior ribbon. She's been practicing a ton, which means Boop is now walking around reciting things about Robin Hood and every once in a while MM will throw in a line. They do it with a lot of feeling.

5) Could someone please tell me why a show like American Idol that must rake in a few bucks can't afford to buy Kara a chair that's big enough for her whole body? It's disturbing the way she always has to sit on half of Simon's.

Now, off to make cookies with my little minions**...

** DH interjects that they don't do my bidding enough to be minions. He says Red is just getting to the stage where she might be an evil henchman, but just barely.


Jen said...

I love cookies!!! Have fun!

March 11, 2010 at 3:34 PM

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