Herding cats

It was a little hectic getting the three monkeys out the door this morning. In case you're new to the blog, my kids are 9, 4, and 2, so only one goes to school, but of course I have to get them all fed, dressed, and out the door at the same time, since leaving the smaller two at home alone is somewhat frowned upon.

I had to get up extra early this morning, because Red made me promise to go over her Latin with her before school. So, I'm already dragging through what is arguably not my most alert time. I got breakfast made and lunch made, filled the water bottle, went over memory work and sent Red up to brush her teeth and grab her sweater.

Down she comes - hopping on one foot. I should add that in the pick up line yesterday she rolled her backpack to the door while hopping on one foot - a recess injury to her knee, apparently. I have no idea how her teacher kept a straight face through the afternoon, or if she did.

I certainly wasn't going to let Red hop through her day unless she legitimately needed crutches.

"Red," I said, "let me see your knee."
"Ugh, it doesn't look as bad as it feels!"
"Let me see - ok, so, here's an idea. I want you to walk the length of the living room, and if it hurts so bad you can't stand it, I'll let you hop for the rest of the day."
Red walks.
"Well, it's the weirdest thing - it hurt before I started hopping, but now it seems fine."
"Funny how that happens."
"Jeans!" Mystery Man has found his jeans. Sadly, they are the 18 month size that I can't seem to get rid of and they come down to his ankles. I try to hide them and find the 2t jeans.
"Red, go wait for me in the bathroom and I'll brush your hair."
"Ok, Mama will find your jeans."
"Backpack!" Now he's trying to roll Red's backpack out the front door. He insists on carrying (rolling) her backpack everywhere for her, and getting her doors.
I go into the bathroom to brush out Red's long curls.
"Hold still!"
"You know what I weally need?" Boop walks in wearing blue velour yoga pants half an inch too short and a pink sparkly t-shirt with a crown on it.
"Bump its!"
She has a pixie cut - after the whole, 'I can cut my own hair' incident.
"Ok, well, let you hair grow, and we'll talk - hey, where's Mystery Man?" And he's waiting impatiently on the front porch in his jammies.

I'd like this story to have a really happy ending where I'm sipping a latte, but, I strive for truth in all things. We came home and I tried to teach Boop how to ride a two wheeled bike on a patio, instead. :)


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