The cookies turned out great. Mystery Man pulled a chair up to the counter where the plate of cookies sat and said "Yum!" I think he had cookies for lunch - and possibly much of dinner. But they're gluten free, so they're a health food - right? Plus the bananas...

I'm at 8000 words on Steam. Guess what - when I outline, I write faster. Who knew! All this planning and plotting I'd so easily dismissed with the first two books might have it's place after all! Might this extend into the rest of my life? Could I possibly consider writing a to do list? Let's not get crazy. I do keep eyeing those Circa planners at Levenger, though.

I've got a new favorite clock: www.voco.uk.com/

Yes, I was a little distressed at the results show on Thursday. Michael Slezak says it best (and if you're not following his blog and vlog on ew.com, you're really only seeing half of American Idol)

We've endured the sadistic pillorying of Angela Martin, we've swallowed our disgust at the sight of Kara's rogue left shoulder rubbing hungrily up and down Simon's torso... which is why, for the past few weeks, we've looked to a ragtag group of 24 singers to reassure us that Idol's still got a little life in it yet...that it's not yet time to leap off this carnival ride, shrug our shoulders, and shout ''Thanks for the memories!'' as we run full-tilt toward that monster rollercoaster the British guy with the deep V and the sunburned chest is erecting on the other side of the fairground. And that's precisely why each abysmal voting result tonight stung so badly.

Good writing gives me chills - wherever I find it!


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