Christmas Time Is Here*

This is not an official "you won't hear from me till the new year" post, but more of a "it's entirely possible you wont here from me till the new year" post. ;) Something may jump out at me that I just have to tell you about. But *probably* I'll be wrapping presents, finishing knitting, taking pictures, mailing cards and all that.

And here is where I confess that no, I do not feel one little tiny smidge of Christmas spirit right now, despite the tree being up, the music being on, and downloading the Christmas version of Zombie Farm. (Haven't you??) I know a lot of people are saying that, blogging that, writing about that, and I know a lot of people will tell you to slow down and enjoy Christmas, but here is where I zig where the other's zag.

Don't worry about. I'm not. I have three kids. They come with lots of work, lots of stuff, lots of activities, despite my efforts to keep it simple. There's just A LOT! I've got presents under the tree, I've made cider, organized their parties, attended their concerts, Daddy is reading them A Christmas Carol, and I'm ok with being tired and a little stressed. Someday the Mystery Man won't throw a fit when I start the dishwasher without his help (or the dryer or the vacuum). Someday Boop won't beg me to paint her nails and Red won't walk around with her nose in Harry Potter bumping into walls because she can't see where she's going and I'll have more time to think, and more time to appreciate the season.

Right now, I'm appreciating the chaos.

So merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! I hope you get more sleep than I will. ;)

*Mystery Man has watched so much Charlie Brown around here, sometimes I only speak in Charlie Brown.


Katrina W. said...

Hooray for the chaos!! And, for having a high tolerance for said chaos (which many have told me I do...)

Thank you for this, and for the steampunk presents post - I found some beautiful jewelry and found that little E and I have the same taste in what I like!

December 19, 2010 at 6:49 PM

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