Everybody needs a theme song

1) I think you all know I adore Jack Reacher. If you don't, then I've been remiss, and it's entirely possible that I've only discussed my devotion to all things Lee Child on Facebook.

2) Let's assume you *now* know that I love Jack Reacher. Moving on. I just heard the Zac Brown Band sing their new song, Colder Weather, with Amos Lee.

3) If you happened to miss the Country Music Award follow up show honoring the people that won, and really, how could you... I offer up this link.

4) You may swoon now.

Also on that show was Darius Rucker (you know how he hates to be called Hootie) and Adele singing that song by Lady Antebellum that I can't stand. Oh wait - you don't know about that either... I tend not to vent about about annoying country songs on my blog. It's called Need You Now, and it's about a girl who gets drunk, calls up her ex and tells him she misses him. Inspiring. I can't stand it.

Except when Darius Rucker and Adele sing it, and then suddenly it's fraught with meaning and emotional depth.

The lesson? It's all in the execution. A thought that scares me as a writer, because I've got lots of bright, shiny ideas, but they need to be done right. I think that's why artists go a little crazy sometimes, because they can see the gulf between the vision and the reality.

Unless you're Lady Antebellum and somehow go on to sell tons and tons of records, and maybe then you're fine with it. Or maybe not. Maybe it drives them crazy that Adele sings it better. But I don't mean pick on them. It's not really fair in a world that offers up Ke$ha... it's just that Adele hasn't sung any of her songs.


Cinette said...

Darius Rucker can't mess anything up. I knew he was headed for stardom the first time I heard him sing;-)

December 6, 2010 at 8:07 PM
Melissa Marsh said...

I am not a country music fan, but I do admit to liking the Lady Antebellum song...*ducking* It brings me back to those lonely drunk college days when I was single. ;-)

December 7, 2010 at 11:15 AM
Mystery Robin said...

I don't mean to disparage your taste. And I liked the song when the other people sang it - I just clearly don't respond to those particular singers. I know that some people do, and some people probably don't think that if we lost every cd ever made, yet somehow managed to keep all of Chris Isaak's, we'd hardly skip a beat... ;)So to each their own!

December 7, 2010 at 4:22 PM

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