It's 12:26 am and I'm still not asleep...

Riddle me this batman, I can't keep my eyes open all day, and now, at 12:30, I'm wide awake. ARGH!!! So, I'm fiddling with plotting, and I wanted to leave you with a snippet of dialogue from my life before I get back to deciding if a particular scene is a point of no return or a major setback. ;) This is a cheaper way to procrastinate than ordering the new BADGal Plum Mascara which I can apparently get with free shipping according to my inbox. And it *would* really bring out the green in my eyes...

So, speaking of eyes, my little three year old with the Betty Boop voice and the Bette Davis eyes who still won't cop to being three was mumbling something about friends in her top bunk...

Me: What about friends?
Her: Mama! (derisive tone) I'm not talking about *friends*, I'm talking about *boyfriends*!!
Me: Oh, OH! What about boyfriends?
Her: I would like to have a boyfriend.
Me: And what would you do with this boyfriend?
Her: (smiling to herself) We would cook together... we would read together... we would play together... and we would sleep together.
Me: You can cook with a boy, you can read with a boy, you can play *some* things with a boy, but you may never under any circumstances sleep with a boy.
Her: Why not?!
Me: I'm going to go get your father...

I hightailed it downstairs, related the incident to my DH, who then hightailed it upstairs and on his return I asked what he said.

Him: I told her that I am her boyfriend until further notice!

He also promised her lots of daddy dates and one on one time, so hopefully she'll get over this new obsession with having a boyfriend... except she hasn't and I'll have more for you on the next post.

OK, back to plot structure...


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