I've been googling Office spoilers trying to find some glimmer of hope for the future, but the well has run dry. In fact, I found a site that looked promising, but when I clicked on the link I saw that they linked to MY last post. So. Not. Helpful.

I suppose I'll have to just watch the show, one week at a time, like everyone else. My patience, again, is put to the test.

On a happier note, today is Reformation Day - oh yeah, and Halloween. My oldest - the one for whom I frantically ordered a princess costume on ebay and then stalked the mailbox till it got here - came home today and said, "Do you know that Reformation Day and Halloween are two *totally* seperate holidays?!" Well, yes, I did.

Ironically, the boy who won the costume contest at school was dressed as the pope. I love that! So, she got to play "pin the theses on the Wittenburg door" as well as bobbing for apples and sword play. She also feasted on turkey legs, but, being her mother's daughter she's not a fan of meat on the bone. "Once a year is enough for me!" she reported tonight.

ARGH! People in my house are rewatching The Office. Have they no consideration for my fragile emotional state?! Apparently not.

And I hear the door popping open again upstairs. My little mouse loves Halloween. She was dismayed that her little three (I mean two) year old legs couldn't keep up with her seven year old sister who was leading the charge like lives were at stake. "Why am I so slow?! Why am I so small?!"

Also, she loves candy. And she's a little sneaky. She's bounced downstairs once to ask if she could have more of her Winnie the Pooh lollypop. No. Well, could her sister have some? No. Well, she already told her sister she could have just three bites if she brushed her teeth afterward. Really? Or maybe she had three bites then brushed her teeth. Really? Ok, well, she was going to go brush her teeth now...

And then I went up to check on her and her face was covered in chocolate.

Did she have some chocolate? No.

Lying is a sin.

Well, maybe her sister had some chocolate.

Lying is still a sin.

Well, she guesses she maybe had some chocolate.

Now she's got glo sticks. It's gonna be a looooong night....


Kimber An said...

The Office? Never heard of it.

Chocolate on the face whilst proclaiming innocense? Uh, well...

November 1, 2008 at 7:28 PM

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