Robin's Way of Life

Well, we seem to have hit a wall. The Mystery Man sleeps great for half the night - which is something. I mean, he used to only sleep when I was holding him - so any time without a baby in my arms at the end of the night is fantastic. But at some point - maybe midnight, maybe 3 am - he gets up and will NOT go back to his crib for anything.

I'm combing The Baby Whisperer for what we're doing wrong. I think maybe my little guy is not listed in her five types of babies. There is no type for Incredible Hulk, which is what he sounds like when he's really angry. RAH!

So, um, that's what I've been doing during this blog silence. I was hoping to report greater victory.

On the upside, we went to the pumpkin patch and harvest festival last weekend and it was a blast. There was some consternation (by the biggest one of us, not the children) that our regular patch was closing down and the tradition was taking a turn, but all in all we had a really good time.

The hour and a half it took us to get home due to the accident on the freeway - and the ill-fated detour - notwithstanding.

And my sister had motion sickness.

And she really had to pee.

And we handed her an empty soda bottle, ala Dwight Schrute, but it didn't get to that point.

And then there was the debate about how far you can really go when the car says 9 miles to empty. They don't really tick off at every mile, it's more like every 10 feet, and the patch was really remote... but I swear you can go FAR on 0 miles to empty. And this was referred to as Robin's Way of Life. I like my way. It's a lot less stressful than thinking you really need to get to a gas station. I have AAA - and a cell phone, that's sometimes charged...

But hey, I'm happy.

I'm ESPECIALLY happy having seen last week's The Office 4 times now. Wow. Yay for Michael and Holly. Why am I so happy for fictional people, I don't know. Maybe it goes to my Way of Life. I was depressed for a good 3 weeks after Luke and Lorelai broke up the first time. I know that it plays into my wanting to write - I can make MY characters do whatever I want. Bwa ha ha! If I want them to live happily ever after - they will!!!

So let's all hope Amy Ryan does not get a movie gig anytime soon and can come back for lots of guest roles to make Michael's life happy. :)


traci said...

it was soooo much fun! thank you for letting me tag along :) and thanks to my fav bro in law for getting me home as fast as he could. I promise to invest in some dramamine next year!

October 30, 2008 at 8:53 PM

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