And your current weight is... plus, thoughts on puppies.

Yes, I love the Biggest Loser and yes, I'm also doing weekly weighins on Tuesdays. (is weighin a word?) I've lost four pounds this week, me and my wii fit! YAY! Not exactly ranch worthy numbers, but hey, I don't have Jillian here.

And of course we watched the inaugeration of Barack Obama today. I made my kids watch with me and a certain someone was pretty upset that I turned off Max and Ruby, but I felt it was my duty as a parent. I was surprised to realize that all three kids were born pretty much under one president. My oldest was born 6 weeks before his inaugureration. I found myself thinking of Michelle Obama through most of it - how many times did she take her girls to the bathroom before the event? Did she pack snacks? Were either of them asking really inappropriate questions that she hoped weren't getting picked up on by a hidden mic? She's gonna have to raise those 2 girls in front of the entire nation - do they get a private tutor? I think not, actually, but then school as the first lady sounds like a hard thing.

Already, he's promised them a puppy and now all over the dog shows (yes, I watch lots of dog shows, shows about dogs, since I don't get to have a dog right now) there are tons of suggestions and opinions about what dog they should get. If he gets a purebred, he's a snob (apparently) and he should get a pound puppy, but isn't this a reward for having to be raised at the white house so what if the kids have their hearts set on a poodle that they dye pink and put in funny dresses. I think they should get their poodle.

Of course, being president, he can probably get a low level CIA operative to place a purebred poodle in a shelter overnight if it comes to that - and wouldn't that be a funny scandal if it ever broke.

I for one, suggest a Lowchen. Ring up the CIA.


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